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Carbon fiber steerer tube....(3 posts)

Carbon fiber steerer tube....REPO42
Oct 13, 2002 5:05 AM
Can anyone give me a quick 101 on carbon fiber steerer tubes. I just bought a Giant 2001 with the carbon fiber steerer tube.. this was a used bike, exellent condition though. I have read about a recall on some of Giants forks with carbon steerer tubes.. How can I tell if I have a recalled one? And is there a fatigue period for carbon steerer tubes? Like after so many miles does the fork need to be replaced? I am new to all this carbon stuff....
CF steerer tube primerKerry Irons
Oct 13, 2002 6:58 AM
On the recall issue, if the recall message isn't specific to bike serial numbers, models, and years, you'll need to take the bike to a Giant dealer. Simple as that.

There is no specific life to a CF steerer tube (or fork, frame, seat post, etc) because there are too many variables of rider weight, road conditions, crashes, tube length, curb hits, etc. Regular visual inspection is your best bet.
re: Carbon fiber steerer tube....Akirasho
Oct 13, 2002 7:19 AM

---Giant Bicycles: 2,400 carbon-fiber road forks. The blades could fracture or separate. The faulty forks were sold as early as Sept. 2000 on 2001 Giant TCR Team, TCR 0, TCR 1, TCR 2 and OCR 1 bikes and framesets. These forks are either full carbon or have carbon blades with aluminum steerer tubes. Call Giant at 800/874-4268.

... the jury is still out on the long term durability of CF steerers... and though I personally know of no failures... they do occur (did a Google search with inconclusive results). FWIW, I have two bikes with CF steerers, but they see relatively light duties... as with most anything designed to save grams, durability suffers a bit.

... who is it who said... "Weight, durability or cost... pick two"??

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