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Parts recommendations for building tubulars?(5 posts)

Parts recommendations for building tubulars?BenR
Oct 11, 2002 2:43 PM
I'm on a budget and looking to build a set of good all-around racing wheels. I don't want to spend more than $350-400 not including a good pair of tires. I'm a cat 3 that has been racing on a heavy, badly-built, and worn out set of open pros. I'm using a stiff Klein quantum frame and weigh 165lbs, not a very powerful sprinter but am capable of lots of torque. I'm looking for a light rim to help with my acceleration, but want to build them fairly stiff to match up well with the frame. I don't have any experience with tubular rims, so don't know what models are out there. I've looked around and haven't found much recent information - everything is 10 years old. I have ridden several tubular wheels and like their ride, speed,and cornering. I was kind of hoping to find something narrower than 22mm, since I will be time trialing on them too and would probably use a 19/20mm front tire. That's lower on my priority list though, as it's not possible to have everything (at least in this price range).

I was considering more of an aero rim, and running lower spoke counts, but that just negates the weight advantage of a tubular and means I would have to pay $$$ for aftermarket hubs instead of using non-flashy but durable and relatively inexpensive Campy hubs.

Anyway, what have other people done? Any advice on good rims (and where to fine them) or wheel set ups? I will probably use 28f/32r, alloy nipples, revolution spokes. Clinchers are less bother and I'm awfully impressed with the Michelin Pro-Races - are there clincher alternatives that will give the same performance? I've heard there's a velocity clincher rim that's deeper and still lighter than open pros, but don't know of anyone who has actually tried them. Thanks for any advice.
I wouldn't use tubularsjeph
Oct 12, 2002 12:47 PM
It really doesn't make much sense anymore, unless you have a team car following you during the race. You mentioned you wanted to train on this wheelset/tire combo too, so I DEFINITELY would not use tubies. My butt can't tell the difference between clinchers and tubies now. I take it your running Campy (me too), have you thought about the new Scirocco wheels? The look fairly aero and they're not too heavy, supposedly durable too. is testing them now. Also, the Protons have a good rep only a 100 or so grams heavier that Ksyrium SL's, and they can be had for around $300 too. Maybe used Neutron\Nucleon could be had for $400 or so, they really rock.
re: Parts recommendations for building tubulars?feathers mcgraw
Oct 12, 2002 8:02 PM
I built up a set of DA/reflex 28h wheels with revolution spokes everywhere but the rear drive side (14/15's). Brass nipples on the drive side as well. They're as light as most high end pre-built's and are rock solid, and parts are readily available. The only drawback is that they're not aero, but you'd have to pay so much more to be that light and aero. I'm also 165 lbs. I liked them so much that they're now my everyday wheels as well. is a good source for cheap tires. For some reason I don't consider gluing tires an inconvenience, and I like the speedy flat changes.
thank you both nmBenR
Oct 13, 2002 9:03 PM
Campy BarcelonaTrekFurthur
Oct 14, 2002 10:04 AM
Similar to a Mavic Reflex; I've been very happy with them.

1460 grams: CK hubs, Revolution spokes, 28-hole. Weighed 'em myself--660 Front, 800 Rear. Now that I've got 'em glued up, I need to put 'em back on the scale.