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colnago forks(2 posts)

colnago forkstarwheel
Oct 10, 2002 7:16 AM
I am considering ordering a Colnago Master Lite frame. What has me baffled is the fork. I am most interested in comfort, vibration dampening. Although I know that carbon forks have a reputation for damping ability, in my experience a good steel fork is just as comfortable or more so.

Anyway, the MXL is available with either a steel Precisa fork or Flash carbon. Both models have steel steerer tubes. The dealer (Maestro) says the Precisa fork would be more comfortable riding than the Flash. However, other cyclists and bike shops have told me just the opposite -- that the carbon Flash is the way to go if I want a smoother ride. Other factors are that the Precisa fork is $100 cheaper is available in a threaded version, which I prefer. If the Precisa is just as smooth (or moreso) than the Flash, that is the way I would go. However, if the Flash is definitely smoother, I would probably pay the extra $100 and hold my nose regarding the threadless fork/stem.

Anyone out there with first hand experience with both of these forks?
re: colnago forksB2
Oct 11, 2002 7:15 AM
I had a presisa fork for an Ovalmaster, but never used it so unfortunately I can't provide a comparison. The Precisa forks are painted to match the frames and do add a bit to the asthetic factor.

You may want to consider resale value though. Carbon and threadless will likely get you a better resale value a year or two or three... down the road. The cost to convert afterwards (headset, stem & fork) is substantial and the buyer is likely to take this into account.