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Prescription Eyewear Question(9 posts)

Prescription Eyewear QuestionripSRV
Oct 4, 2002 7:12 AM
I'm going to replace my Bolle's this year because the prescription insert rests on my brow. The smudge and sweat makes for a dirty pair of glasses shortly into a ride.

What is your brand recommendation that keeps the insert further away from your face and allows better ventilation?

FYI, I have a narrow face. I am willing to spend less than $200 and would prefer interchangeable lenses.
mate of mine just gotSnowBlind
Oct 4, 2002 7:24 AM
Rudy Kerosene Premium's with the inserts (pretty strong prescription too)to replace his broken Bolle's. He has been very pleased with wind sheilding and ventilation.
The stems are very flexable and should fit just about anybody.
The lenses are replacable, but they don't come with extra lenses, you gotta buy 'em.
I suggest you find a shop that has them and try them on. Unless you buy from overseas, like, you gonna pay a lot, frames are ~$130 and the insert is another $40.
I got Rudy Project Kerosene specifically to avoid the ...PdxMark
Oct 4, 2002 7:54 AM
insert-on-the-brow fit of the Bolle. Not cheap, but they wear well and are durable so far. The Kerosene might not fit a narrow face very well, but I think Rudy P has something related to the Kerosene for a narrower it.
re: Contacts or non-clip glassesEric_H
Oct 4, 2002 11:55 AM
I used to use the Bolles as well. My big beef with them was having 4 lens surfaces to get wet in the rain, plus they are very heavy. Some races I felt like I could barely see anything in the wet.

I looked at using the Rudy Project Kerosenes with the Rx adapter, but instead I was convinced by a teammate to try out disposable contact lenses. I have lousy vision with a -4.50 diopter and astigmatism and I had never worn contacts before. I have to say, it has been a revelation and I have had no problems in 9 months of usage. I am using a monthly disposable (throw away after 30 wearings, which is usually more than a month for me).

I like the fact that I no longer have 4 lens surfaces and a heavy pair of glasses. Plus, if I stop on the ride for anything (food, water, coffee) I can go inside and still see without my sunglasses on. I have used them with several different glasses - Rudy Project Kerosene, Ekynox and Tayo, and Smith Bazooka Sliders. The Tayo and Bazooka provide the best wind protection, followed closely by the Ekynox and then the. But I had no problems with dry eyes using any of the above.

If contacts are not an option and you want to avoid the use of a clip-in adapter, I would suggest considering a pair of Rudy Project Graal glasses with a prescription lens. These frames fit small faces well. For lens type, the "Racing Red" lens color is amazing - I use it on rainy days and sunny days as it is very versatile. Check out - they have pricing and loads of information. The prescription Graals would blow your budget, being around $235-250 for the frames plus prescription lenses, but I think with the red lens they would be the perfect prescription choice. Oakley also does prescription M-frames but the cost is over $300 I believe.
Another vote for GraalsDMoore
Oct 4, 2002 12:46 PM
I've had Bolles with inserts for almost 10 years. This summer I bought a pair of Rudy Project Ekynox glasses, which also use inserts. They sat too close to my eyes, and my eyelashes were always rubbing against the lenses. I then bought a pair of Rudy Project Graals and had custom lenses made by for them. I love them. They don't fog up nearly as easily as the Bolles, and when they do it's easier to clear 2 surfaces instead of 4. I like them so much I just bought a second pair, so now I have one set with dark lenses and another clear set for night.
Speaking of Graal..Qubeley
Oct 4, 2002 2:58 PM
Can someoen tell me the difference between Graal and Graal Fyol? I couldn't figure out the difference.
re: Speaking of Graal..Eric_H
Oct 4, 2002 4:16 PM
Graal has a more ovalized lens shape compared to Graal Fyol (or Graal Fyol is slightly more squared at the corners than Graal). Personally, I like the Graal Fyol better.
agree on contacts and Rudy's Racing lenses.jw25
Oct 5, 2002 10:13 AM
If you can wear contacts, I'd say they're the better choice - not that expensive anymore, easy to take care of, and they let you see with your glasses off. Plus, they're less weight on your face, and fewer surfaces to keep clean and fog-free while riding.
Personally, I find it hard to wear them longer than 8 hours, but that's more than enough for long rides.
For glasses, I'm a Rudy convert - even with the prices creeping up to Oakley levels, the service and quality are amazing. I destroyed a pair of Skeeys in a crash, and got carte blanche replacements for $45. I picked up a set of Graals, and also bought Kerosene Premiums in the meantime. I really like the red lenses in the Graals, as they're good for most conditions. I picked up some Racing Blue lenses for the Kerosenes, and they really sharpen things up, without tinting the entire view - I think I prefer them to the Racing Red version. Even the standard smoke black lenses are good for most conditions, and for very bright light, the Laser series are very good, though rides with mixed conditions are somewhat beyond them.
Add to that a no-questions asked lense warranty, and I'm hooked.
re: Prescription Eyewear QuestionJimP
Oct 6, 2002 12:31 PM
My optomotrist ordered a pair of Oakley glasses for me and placed a set of mirror surfaced bifocal lenses in them. You can have prescription lenses placed into almost all of the Oakley frames. The bifocal lenses do require a frame that is a little taller than single vision lenses. I have seen some optomotrists that carry Oakley frames which would make it easier to try them. I shopped around at several bike and sunglass shops that carried Oakleys and found the pair that felt like the best fit.