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road pedals vs. mtb pedals(6 posts)

road pedals vs. mtb pedalsgf99
Oct 3, 2002 5:16 PM
I'm new to road riding and currently use mtb pedals/shoes on my road bike. What, if any, are the advantages to switching to road pedals/shoes? Thanks.
re: road pedals vs. mtb pedalsdivve
Oct 3, 2002 5:40 PM
I've found that road shoes and pedals form a tighter and more efficient interface. The shoe soles are stiffer and the pedals and cleats lock together tighter. This makes them harder to get in an out of however. Also, most pedals have only single sided entry.

Coming from mountain biking myself I've found that the Speedplay Zero pedals to be the easiest to get used to. Similar to MTB pedals they have double sided entry and are quite easy to get accustomed to when switching from Shimano 959 SPD pedals for instance.
re: road pedals vs. mtb pedalstrout_bum
Oct 4, 2002 12:20 AM
I just upgraded from Low-end Shimano MTB shoes/M535 spd pedals to Sidi Titans w/ Speedplay X/2 and I have to say the road shoes/pedals (although higher end) feels so much smoother and for lack of a better word-classy. Also in addition to the stiffness mentionned pedals/shoes feel significantly lighter and I'm sure this must have some performance advantages over the long-haul. X/2s are great-they're double sided and easy to get into and have a nice feel as far as human-machine interface issues are concerned.
It very much dependsEager Beagle
Oct 4, 2002 12:54 AM
on what shoes you have. Some good MTB shoes have the same stiff soles as their road counterparts, just with grips on. Some don't and are softer, better for walking.

If you have a really stiff sole MTB shoe, the difference is marginal. I ride Genius and Looks most of the time on my roadbike, but for touring/audax, I put on the SPDs and wear my Specialised Pro MTGB shoes, for the convienience. They are both totally stiff and comfortable, the only difference being the Sidis are lighter and more "sporty" feeling. No noticeable difference in power/effeciency/comfort etc at all.
Oct 5, 2002 2:42 PM
The old "Roadshoeshavestiffersoles"-story is really worn out.
re: road pedals vs. mtb pedalspmf1
Oct 4, 2002 3:58 AM
Road pedals are typically lighter, have a wider platform and closer distance to the pedal spindle than mtn shoes. They also look correct (i.e. , cool). Road shoes also tend to be lighter and have stiffer soles.

Mtn pedals are easier to get into because they are dual sided. The shoes are a lot easier to walk in.

I use mtn pedals and shoes on whatever bike I'm commuting on (lately, my Litespeed) because its lots easier to walk around in my building when I get to work. I also find them ideal for touring or bike vacations where you ride a while, then get off and walk around seeing the sights. For pure riding, I prefer road pedals, but mtn pedals have nice qualities as well.