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weight: extended steerer tube or tquill stem?(3 posts)

weight: extended steerer tube or tquill stem?buffalosorrow
Oct 3, 2002 5:34 AM
On my threaded Colnago, I have been trying to justify the costly upgrade to threadless. Bike fit is perfect, I really do not want a new frame. My question gets down to the nitty gritty weight issues, what will weigh differences be with a new threadless precisa steel fork/ 22cm steerer, king hs, and say a 150g stem or current precisa threaded fork/ 13cm steerer, king headset and ITM ecylapse quill stem, in addition I have access to purchase an Serrotta ti quill stem for the same cost of a new quality ahead stem.
I honestly cannot tell a difference between threaded and threadless.
Comments gladly accepted...
depends ...tarwheel
Oct 3, 2002 6:47 AM
How much rise do you have with your quill stem? If you ride with your handlebars fairly high, the threadless will be no lighter and very possibly heavier. With the threadless setup, if you want your bars higher, you'll need to keep the steerer tube longer and/or use a riser stem. A steel steerer tube is heavier than most stems, which generally are aluminum.

Why do you want to change? Really, the only way you will see a significant weight advantage with threadless is to install a carbon fork with a carbon steer tube. From the info you provided, it looks like you would be running a fork with an additional 9 cm of steer steerer tube to go threadless. I would be willling to bet that this setup would be heavier than your existing threaded fork with the aluminum stem extended to the same height. If you are willing to use a riser stem, you would be able to reduce the length of the steel steerer tube and cut some weight -- but do you really want to do that?

If you are just itching to make some changes, find another nice quill stem with a removable facecap. You can find lots of threaded stems now with removable caps and it sure makes it simpler when you want to change things around.
what I thought....buffalosorrow
Oct 3, 2002 11:02 AM
The frame is a cyclocross bike and I would like to keep the colnago precisa cross steel fork (either new threadless or same as now). Reason, not enough selection of carbon performance forks beside the AME? cyclocross at $500+. Someday I wish.

I have about a 1" rise on the quill (measured HS top to bottom of horizontal stem) 1 1/2" to center. I could go more to 2".

Yes, I would have an additional 9-10cm of steerer tube on the threadless.

I have the serrotta titanium on hold, weighs a mere 200g, I think, with a slight rise of 83'. This is my best bet, light and fantastic price, although the drawback is the clamp type face (non removable). I honestly am comfortable with my bar setup and yes a removable faceplate would be helpfull it is not necessary.

Conclusion, is to save the money for component upgrade form chorus 8 to chorus/ centaur 10.