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Wheel Alternatives - Velocity, Edco, Sapim et al.(5 posts)

Wheel Alternatives - Velocity, Edco, Sapim et al.mass_biker
Oct 2, 2002 4:29 PM
Got religion and am contemplating alternatives to the pre-built wheel thing (a few instances of watching ride-mates vainly try to get the low-spoke wheel-of-the-minute spinning again sans spoke have cured me of my delusions of low spoke grandeur). So, the question is: what experience have people had with;

Velocity rims (Aerohead, Deep V etc.)
Edco and American Classic hubs
Sapim spokes

Bend my ear and convince me of my wisdom or faults.

re: Wheel Alternatives - Velocity, Edco, Sapim et al.weiwentg
Oct 3, 2002 4:43 PM
Aerohead rims (my 'botique' wheels are built around Aeroheads) are pretty strong. no idea about anything else. the current iteration of Am Classic hubs seems to have a pretty good rep - there were problems with the bearings in the earlier versions, but they're fixed now.
take a peek at
re: Wheel Alternatives - Velocity, Edco, Sapim et al.jw25
Oct 5, 2002 10:36 AM
Well, I've got a set of AC hubs, built with Sapims to CXP-33's, and I love them. I went 32 front and rear, but with Laser spokes (14-17, with ultra-short butts) and alloy nips. Can't say for true weight, but advertised should be around 1500 grams, and they're stiff and strong, and red.
I've got Areoheat rims on a mountain wheelset, and they're fine - a little heavier than the superlight stuff, but nice and wide, and really strong. The Aerohead uses the same shape, just scaled down, and should be nice.
I'd recommend as well; Mike's a great guy, and a great builder. He can advise you to spoke count and gauge, and maybe even rims (the new Shook/AC 420 is tempting - 420 grams and 30mm deep.)
Good infomass_biker
Oct 6, 2002 6:58 PM
Thanks for the info.

I currently use two wheelsets - Hope hubs laced to Open Pros and Hope hubs laced to CXP33s, both with Sapim spokes. Generally speaking, they've been fine so far, although I have broken one spoke each on the rear CXP33 and on the front Open Pro - both appear to be spoke related (scores on the spoke body itself- manufacturing defect?). But as is the case with handbuilt wheels laced up with relatively high (28+...can you believe 28-32 spokes are considered a lot?) spoke counts, even the loss of one spoke means that the wheel holds up just fine. The spoke on my Open Pro (front) broke during the RR stage of the Fitchburg Stage Race, on the descent of Mile Hill Rd., and it held up fine enough (with a little wobble) to get me to the mountain top finish in decent shape.

I Don't have any experience with Aeroheads or the new Am Classic 350 or Velocity AeroHeads, and as such, I am considering: Am Classic 350 or Velocity AeroHead laced to Dura Ace or Am Classic hubs with Sapim X Ray spokes.

I weigh <150lbs, ride and ride a steel bike with carbon fork on typical (crap) New England roads, and don't like to baby my equipment. So having something light, reasonably (but not absurdly) aero, and rebuildable with off-tthe shelf parts would be ideal.

re: Wheel Alternatives - Velocity, Edco, Sapim et al.bobobo
Oct 7, 2002 5:16 PM
AC 420 rim can only be used by riders under 180lbs, that per the AC website, seems like a raceday only wheel and not for big mashers.