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Comments on Dura Ace 7701 wheels??(3 posts)

Comments on Dura Ace 7701 wheels??Cheezhead
Oct 2, 2002 9:06 AM
Anyone have the newer Dure Ace 7701 wheels that can comment on how they like them? Basically, I'm concerned about how much they weigh, how they ride, whether they flex at all, and how durable they are. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Say Cheez
re: Comments on Dura Ace 7701 wheels??weiwentg
Oct 2, 2002 11:34 AM
this is the same spoke pattern as the R535s, and the R540s. aside from that, everything else is identical to the WH7700s. they will probably ride the same. I would not use them for a mountain TT, but they are pretty fast wheels. The R535s were quite porky (but sturdy), and the 7701s should be not terribly porky, and sturdy enough. they are not probably not terribly stiff - there's a wheel stiffness test page somewhere on Sheldon Brown's site. the 7700s weren't exactly noodly, but they weren't stiff.
re: Comments on Dura Ace 7701 wheels??the other Tim
Oct 3, 2002 10:39 AM
The 535s and the 540s have a radial pattern w/ lateral crossover for the front wheels. The 7700/7701s use 1x w/ lateral crossover on the front. The rear wheel of the 535 had 1x on the drive side and radial on the left.

The 7701s and 540s have a different rear pattern than either the 535s or the 7700s: radial on the drive side and 1x on the left, still w/ lateral crossover.

I have the 7700s which, have the same lacing pattern on the front and rear wheels. The front is quite stiff. The rear is a little less stiff (hard to quantify), probably because the left flange is so far inward. The narrow flange spacing in the rear does have the advantage nearly perfect symmetry (left and right spokes are the same length). I really like them. After about 3500 miles, I had to true the rear a bit (~1/16"). The front has never needed truing.

I haven't tried the 7701s, but Shimano claims that the new lacing pattern improves lateral rigidity by 30%.

I don't have the exact weight, but they're under 1700g. The hubs are gorgeous and smooth. The spokes are something like 13 gauge and the alloy nipples are huge (4.5mm). I got some spare spokes, but I actually wonder if the rim would survive a single broken spoke. Mounting a tire is extraordinarily difficult, but I find some security in that (bad mtb experience).