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Zefal HPX-Do you hang it or hold it-need advice on sizing(3 posts)

Zefal HPX-Do you hang it or hold it-need advice on sizingInhighgear
Oct 2, 2002 5:43 AM
Can any Zefal HPX users give me advice on how they hang. I have a nice, new, painted Litespeed Vortex. I want to hang a Zefal HPX under the top tube without wearing at the paint on each end of the pump. I bought a BikeBlock Pump Holder which is a rubber bloch with velcro on both sides that lets you suspend the pump. Here's my questions:

1) Should I buy a pump that's shorter than required and not let each end of the pump press into frame to secure it. Just let the Bike Block do the holding. Thereby avoiding the chance that constant vibration from the pump will cause paint rub.

2) If I need to let it press on each end into the frame, what size should I buy since I'm exactly in-between sizes. The distance from seattube to headtube is 20.5-2.6". 20.5" is the cutoff size of Zefal pumps from a
large to XL. Should I buy a little long or a little short.

3) Does anyone use a Bikeblock holder or something like it and is one enough or should I use two of them.
You're thinking too much (me, too...)Silverback
Oct 2, 2002 7:24 AM
My top tube is about 1/4 inch too long for the longest hpX, so I use the blocks. I have two of them, because when I tried one, the pump would occasionally rotate to one side or the other.
They work fine, but they're ugly and I'm sure they're going to mark the paint eventually (not that big a deal to me--I use the bike and I don't care if it shows some wear).
For me, just buying the pump to fit the frame would be a much tidier solution. If you're worried about wear under the TT/ST juncture, why not put a piece of clear shipping tape or something there? Wouldn't take more than about half a square inch.
Go long.Andy M-S
Oct 2, 2002 12:22 PM
Going long (XL) means you'll have a little more spring tension to hold the pump in place, and a slightly longer pump to help you get up to pressure.

Put a little bit of plastic tape over the paint job at the two contact points (the far end of the pump and the near the rim of the cap, underside of top tube) and you'll be set. When you need the pump, it's nice to be able to just grab it.