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Any experience with Bontrager X-lites?(4 posts)

Any experience with Bontrager X-lites?Jimena
Oct 1, 2002 4:46 AM
These wheels have been at the shop all summer and the employees have been demo-ing them. Now they are on sale for $320 for the pair. Is that a good deal? Should I get them for cyclocross? I have friends who ride the race lites (we call them race-heavies).
re: Any experience with Bontrager X-lites?BikeViking
Oct 1, 2002 7:14 AM
I have 2K on my Race-Heavies and I love them. THey may not be as svelte as Ksyriums, but they are quite durable and maintain their true. The X-lites may be another story...
They're GREAT! (sorry, Tony)TrekFurthur
Oct 1, 2002 7:44 AM
I've raced on the Xlites this year, including some bad surfaces that I new had buggered the wheels. However, they are dead true still (I'm 165 during the season and am reasonably easy on wheels).

At $320, you're getting below cost and, as long as the shop'll still honor the warranty and the wheels are true, you ought to pick 'em up. They're a little heavier than the Rolf Propels I ride off-road, and I haven't seen any problems out of them.
re: Any experience with Bontrager X-lites?Chunky
Oct 1, 2002 10:18 AM
I have a pair of X-Lites. They are slightly lighter (about 100g or so) than the Open Pros I have. But they are strong and stiffer than Open Pro. And cornering is great. At $320 a pair, it's a steal.