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are these wheels strong enough?(6 posts)

are these wheels strong enough?mattcrout
Sep 30, 2002 2:45 PM
i'm looking into getting a rahleigh R600 which is on sale. the only problem is that i'm not sure if the wheels are strong enough. they are Alex Equation Wheels which 16h front, 20h rear. The spokes are bladed stainless steel, in a super-aero 1-cross lacing pattern. Both the front and rear hubs used 7075 aluminum axles, with a sealed-bearing aluminum freehub body in the rear. This is a super aero, super-light wheelset. At sub-1600g. (i got that from another post) I'm 185-190 lbs and ride in a pretty hilly area. (seattle) i'm mainly a rower, so my legs are pretty strong. will the wheels be strong enough? the price of the bike is pretty darn low, awsome sale, but i just wanted to make sure on the wheels. here is url for the bike:
I wouldn't buy 'emSilverback
Sep 30, 2002 3:53 PM
I'm about 220, but I don't ride all that hard anymore--just riding around, generally, 100-200 miles per week in summer. If you find somebody who has experience with that specific wheel, or a similar one, they'd know better than I do. But I've had trouble every time I've tried to go below 32 spokes and every time I've used alloy nipples.
Better do a web searchKerry
Sep 30, 2002 4:25 PM
While I'm sure some people know these wheels, they're an unknown quantity to a larger audience. Are they imports from the UK? They're obviously at the edge of the envelope, so I'd want some solid favorable reports (with few negatives) before I'd ride them. Google it and see what comes up.
If the bike is that great of a deal...sn69
Sep 30, 2002 6:44 PM
...and I mean GREAT, then buy it, but I'd buy stronger wheels at your weight. I'm 180 and ride Mavic OPs with DA hubs and 32 14/15 spokes...light enough for my needs and plenty strong. Likewise, I've ridden Sun M14A rims with 32 14/17 spokes that were good too.

Also, I've got an Oktavia saddle and I hate it. Saddles, like single malt, the opposite sex and cars, are purely subjetive, but I've not been impressed by it. Again, if the total package is that good of a deal and you can afford another set of wheels and possibly a new saddle, then go for it.

Best of luck
Good reputation in the UKboneman
Sep 30, 2002 11:48 PM
Alex rims have been used for some time on wheels in the UK and wheelbuilders speak well of their strength and build quality. I saw the wheels you were referring to at the London Bike show this weekend and they look nicely made. I don't know about their weight but there's no reason why they wouldn't work for someone your size. Their build is not that different from Ksyrium's, ignoring the spoke material.
What are you looking for in a bike?Spoke Wrench
Oct 1, 2002 6:25 AM
I think that all of the parts of a bike should match in quality and function to perform a stated purpose. Sometimes it makes sense to sacrifice a little reliability for lighter weight or lower cost, sometimes it doesn't.

I think that if you are looking for a "Ride 'em and forget 'em, go farther away from my car than I want to walk back wheelset," boreing is good. Boreing but reliable wheels keep you and your bike on the road. This strikes me more as a "High on style points but make sure there is sag support available" wheelset.

Honestly, I have no idea of the track record of this wheelset, but I don't care. I've had enough bad experiences with Formula mountain bike hubs and Spinergy road wheels to make me real cautious of ANY new boutique wheels with an unknown track record. The warranty is utterly meaningless. You bought your bike to ride. What good is the warranty if your bike is tied up for weeks on end waiting for replacement parts?