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which is best combo to buy(2 posts)

which is best combo to buysilroadbike
Sep 28, 2002 8:38 PM
I have narrowed it down to 3T prima 199 with Forgie/Zepp stem or ITM millenium handlebar and stem. Which do you think is a better combination for use on a carbon fork and a very light rider (100 lbs)? And why?
re: which is best combo to buyEric_H
Oct 1, 2002 10:51 AM
At 100 lbs, flex is not likely a problem with any of the above combinations.

The main differences are in the handlebar shapes. The ITM Millenium bars have a longer reach and a slightly deeper drop. I have used them on my race bike for the past two seasons and I am actually considering the switch back to 3T bars. I prefer the anatomic shape and slightly shorter forward sweep of 3T compared to the ITM.

As for stems, the Forgie seems almost overkill for someone weighing 100 lbs. I like the ITM Millennium and I have no problems with bar slippage, stripped threads, or carbon steerer related problems. The Zepp stem seems to be a little suspect - I have heard stories of threads in the aluminium pulling out or stripping. Also, Cannondale has re-called all bikes it sold with the oversize Zepp XL stem. Somewhere I read that the problem was the bolts used on the bar clamp portion were too short.

Ideally, the best combination might be 3T bars and the ITM stem, if you can handle the brand mismatch.