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Aluminum steerer safety?(2 posts)

Aluminum steerer safety?MRS
Sep 28, 2002 11:15 AM
I have heard people mention that aluminum is not a good material for steerers because it would suddenly brake without weakening before. So are aluminum steerers not safe, or is this just another rumor by the anti-aluminum folks? I am just wondering, but aren't most MTB forks made of aluminum?
re: ... wow, most folks are more concerned about carbon fiber...Akirasho
Sep 28, 2002 7:13 PM
... while aluminium has physical properties which limit it's fatigue life, in the application you mentioned there is little cause for worry...

Given that the areas where cyclical stresses that would act upon an alloy steerer are well supported by the headset bearings and the headtube of the frame itself... 'bout the only cause for concern would be after a MONDO crash or impact.

Also note, that most alloy steerers are much thicker than the average main frame tubes... and the alloy is generally not mentioned (different alloys have different properties).

And, while not directly correlating (because of the different alloys and applications), remember that most airliners are mostly aluminium... and given the number of fatigue cycles they go through... and the number of aircraft in service, that despite some well publicized failures, they're extremely rare... Personally, I've never seen an alloy steerer fail catastrophically.

The vast majority of steerers on both quality MTB and road bikes are an aluminium alloy.

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