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Integrated headset fork with "normal" frame...??(6 posts)

Integrated headset fork with "normal" frame...??AdamM
Sep 27, 2002 5:27 AM
Can a fork with the nice wide flat top for integrated headsets be used with a standard headset and frame? It looks like it's all the same except for the aesthetics and smoothness of the fork crown/headtube junction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How long is the steer tube? (nm)Spoke Wrench
Sep 27, 2002 6:23 AM
re: Integrated headset fork with "normal" frame...??Lactate Junkie
Sep 27, 2002 8:22 AM
Should work...will look strange, as long as all technical aspects are ok like steerer length and diameter, crown race diameter etc.
re: Integrated headset fork with "normal" frame...??RichC
Sep 27, 2002 10:09 AM
I can't see any reason why not. From looking at the forks which are designed for an integrated headset, they have exactly the same dimensions as a standard fork except the bit the headset race sits on is wider. I have a Principia RS6 and when I first saw the fork it appeared as if it was designed to go with an integrated headset (which the frame does not have) i.e the fork crown was wider than the head tube. However when the fork was fitted, the top of the fork is exactly the same width as the headset and integrates seemlessly. Have a look on and see what I mean.

I think that the difference is in the head tube not the fork and therefore the two can be substituted, however I could be wrong!!!
WHY??? (nm)riney
Sep 27, 2002 10:10 AM
Sep 27, 2002 4:29 PM
He has a normal frame and bought/was given/found a good deal on/likes the paint job on the fork designed for IHS.