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Tune hubs & IRD rims(4 posts)

Tune hubs & IRD rimsmcteague
Sep 26, 2002 4:47 AM
Mike @ oddsandendos has suggested Tune hubs with IRD Cadence rims to me. The IRD rim is made by the same folks who supply American Classic but I have never seen Tune hubs. I know they are a German firm and Jan Ulrich has used them but has anyone over here had any experience with them? How about IRD rims?

re: Tune hubs & IRD rimscollinsc
Sep 26, 2002 11:44 AM
I recently had a set built up by mike on a Tune rear and Sun of Bubba front. I used the Velocity Aerohead rims at the time, so I have no experience with the IRD but i believe they come only in 28 and 32 holes, which is a problem if you have a 24 hole front like me (a lightweight).

The Tune rear is awesome. Stiff, rolls smooth, loud as a motherf*ck (but i like that). Havent had to pull it apart yet, but all seems good

If I was doing it now I would probably go with a set of Tune hubs on the IRDs.
how loud?mcteague
Sep 27, 2002 4:14 AM
Hmmm, loud as Chris King loud? I'm used to Shimano and like a bike to keep it's mouth closed. I guess I could get used to it. Mike Garcia (oddsandendos) seems to know his stuff and is VERY helpful but he seems to avoid normal brands such as Mavic, Shimano, DT, etc. Not a bad thing I guess and with all these clicking Open Pros I was thinking of going with Velocity Aeroheads and Amer Classic hubs but Mike thinks the Tune/IRD is a better bet.
Sep 27, 2002 5:11 PM
Ive only ever heard a recording of a chris king hub, never in person so I cant tell you. They are quite loud tho, but its a really good loud.

Mike avoids the "normal" brands because he feels that their price is not justified by their product. Since I really dig the Tunes I would agree with Mike here, go with the Tunes if you can handle the racket.

I doubt you could go wrong with the Am Classic hubs (except the ultra light front might a hassle) but the Tunes are really cool, high quality, distinctive etc etc.