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any one know the weight of carnac '02 quartz shoes..(4 posts)

any one know the weight of carnac '02 quartz shoes..joe mudd
Sep 24, 2002 3:28 PM
and any other comments on these road shoes?
re: any one know the weight of carnac '02 quartz shoes..Inhighgear
Sep 25, 2002 3:23 AM
2LBS 5ozs. with Speeplay cleats attached.

I have both 2001 Ellipse and 2002 Quartz. Both fit well. The Quarts is a little wider in the toebox than the Ellipse. The Quarts have a replacable heel pad whereas the Ellipse don't.

I like a Ellipse three strap closure versus the four on the Quarts. Four is just too many.

The Quartz have a better made, more supportive insole than the 2001 Ellipse, something I think Carnac improved this year.

Overall, I'd take the Ellipse since my foot is somewhat narrow, not much mind you. Wish it had the Quartz insole and replacable heal pad.
Heavy but comfortable (for me)Eric_H
Sep 25, 2002 3:00 PM
The published weight is 756 grams (Excel Sports) but I'm guessing that is for a size 40-42. When Lennard Zinn tested them in VeloNews a few issues back, his size 46 or 47 were over 900 grams.

I have a pair, and I use Time Equipe pedals. I have not weighed them but I know they are friggin' heavy. However, I'm willing to take on 200 grams of exta weight for the comfort factor. Personally, I like the 4 straps, as it allows a very customized fit. The insole is fantastic if you have high arches. I have high arches and high insteps, and the combination of insole and neoprene/lycra tongue make these shoes very comfortable for me. I also pedal toe-down, and these shoes have a natural rise from toe to heel which works well for me. And the sole is very stiff.

I had been a long-time user of Sidi shoes (Genius 2, Tecno, Shadow, Energy 2) until switching to the Quartz this season. The latest shoes from Sidi the Energy 2 and G4 have the new adjustable "arch compression strap" on the top. I found that this hard plastic strap did not work well with my high insteps. I was getting tendinitis in my left foot, and the inner edges of the shoes were creating some callous-like bumps on the insides of my instep. And no, I did not crank them down hard.

In switching from Sidi to Carnac, I cannot honestly say I noticed a perceptive difference in weight.
thanks for the great info..joe mudd
Sep 25, 2002 4:05 PM
i'm at present a cat 4 racer and will be hooking these shoes up to a pair of speedplay zeros in time for base training towards next season. as you are probably aware ,carnac's web site is not very informative period, and especially when it comes to shoe specs.also, i couldn't search engine up a site that lists road shoe weights either . i just recieved a pair of carnac quartz in the mail and they felt a little on the heavy side. however,wearing these around the house has proven these shoes to be extremely comfortable(my girlfriend demanded i remove them before getting in bed), and promising an optimal power transfer. anyway , comfort and power transfer should make up for the added grams of rotational weight.
ride on!!
joe mudd