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Stronglight cranksets, good/bad?(3 posts)

Stronglight cranksets, good/bad?PC
Sep 20, 2002 4:17 PM
Anyone have experience with Stronglight cranksets, especially the Ironlite? Thanks
re: Stronglight cranksets, good/bad?conorb
Sep 22, 2002 12:03 AM
I haven't seen much of the Ironlite, but I've tried the Speedlite cranks and they're very nice. Good finish, light weight and they look good as well.

The only problem I had was getting the Speedlight triple to work with Campy 10 speed (I have Chorus) so I had to use a Campy triple instead. Although, I've seen several bikes using Speedlites with Campy 9 speed and no problems with that set up.
re: Stronglight cranksets, good/bad?gafino
Sep 22, 2002 11:41 PM
Yes, I'm using it and listed here r the facts:
1. It is light (around Dura-Ace weight)
2. Reasonable price (around Ultegra price)
3. It looks ok (Speedlite looks better)
4. Top of the range for Stronglight brand.
5. When on small c/ring, the chain will rub the large chainring if u r using the smallest cog (Shimano components for the rest).
6. Some pros r using it.
7. No problem in shifting.
8. U will get ur friends attention coz it is s/thing different from the usuals.

Hope this will help u 2 decide whether it is good/bad.

PS. A/body knows whether the crank is purposely made not true (like a wheel) coz I noticed when looking from the top (spin it), it is not true (is it for shifting purpose or what?)