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Fatter Tires - Same Rims(2 posts)

Fatter Tires - Same Rimsredbikerider
Sep 20, 2002 5:13 AM
My 2001 Jamis Ventura came with Mavic MA3 rims and 700x23 tires. I'm contemplating using the bike for some touring, which I believe it should be well suited for. However the advice I'm getting is that I should go to a fatter tire, say a 700x30-32. My question is: Can I just put the fatter tire on the same rims or do I need a wider rim?? Thanks for your response. CM
No problem with the rims, but check the brakes & forkcory
Sep 20, 2002 7:22 AM
That's a good move for general riding around--I use 32s for nearly everything these days (they actually measure about 25-27mm). The rims should handle them fine.
Where you may run into trouble, though, is with clearance either under the brake arches or between the fork blades. My old steel Allez will fit 32s, but when I tried 35s, they just brushed the rear brake, and the sidewall kept the front derailleur from moving onto the big ring.