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More on Tufo tubular glue strips(2 posts)

More on Tufo tubular glue stripsDougSloan
Sep 19, 2002 2:39 PM
I had the first need to remove a tubular that had been mounted with Tufo glue "tape." This was on a Zipp disc (all carbon). This was the most tenacious tubular glue I've seen. It took me a full 15 minutes of yanking and prying with a plastic tire lever to even get a hand hold started. Ultimately, after getting about a foot of tire released, I was able to pull off the rest of the tire. About 99% of the glue came off with the tire, still stuck to the tire backing. The glue itself was still plyable and sort of gummy, not dried up. I saw that the glue strip actually has a nylon mesh in the middle of it, so maybe it really is technically "tape." The rim was nearly clean, certainly clean enough to just slap on another tire. The tire is punctured anyway, and you can't repair Tufos, so while it appears that it could be reinstalled as is with the glue intact, that's not really an option anyway.

So, next time I use the strips I'm going to leave a few inches unglued to get a start on tire removal. I can verify first hand that there is no way, no how, this tire could have rolled -- it was simply stuck on too well.

re: Thanks for the info...Akirasho
Sep 19, 2002 4:03 PM
... I just ordered four from

I've got a new set of tubular wheels with alloy rims to try them on... if they work out well... I'll have a pair in reserve (and convince our local Pro shop to carry them)... if not... I'll wad them up in a ball... and watch the cat try to play with it while I recover...

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