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noisy new rim help,tips etc(2 posts)

noisy new rim help,tips etcblm
Sep 19, 2002 6:53 AM
I just bought a new rear wheel for my commuter and it squeaks like hell. It's the first time i have such a noisy rim. It's a Rigida, made in France, double wall road rim and the brake surface is not machined. The rim is quite shiny. Surprisingly, after years of mountain biking, a hub(not the axle) breaks on me for the first time and it's on my 12 speed commuter,go figure!...i though only rims and spokes broke.

-should i sand it or wait for the brake pads to wear it in?

For the time being it's noisy and it doesn't brake too well.

thanks in advance
re: noisy new rim help,tips etcMike Prince
Sep 19, 2002 7:12 AM
I would check the brake set-up first before taking a scotchbrite pad or 120 grit to the rim. A few tips:

1. Check the pads - really shiny or glazed pad? Sand off the glaze or replace the pad. Also check that you don't have debris embedded in the pad.

2. Toe-in - a pad that is not toed-in correctly will result in the problems you are describing. Also you will feel some shuddering as you brake. The Park Tools website shows how to adjust the toe-in better than I can explain.

3. Clean the rim - before you sand/abrade the rim surface, use a cleaner (paint thinner or mineral spirits works, but so does citrus cleaner) and a rag and give the braking surface a good cleaning. this should remove any residues (brake pad deposits, grit, oil, etc.) and will help.

Hope this helps