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Dura Ace Gold?(9 posts)

Dura Ace Gold?deHonc
Sep 17, 2002 9:09 PM
I was looking at the 2003 Trek range on the website and noticed that the cranks (and chain) on the Dura Ace equipped bikes appear to have a "gold" colour - are they some new release for 2003, or are the website pictures "airbrushed" or do they now come gold plated to justify the price?

I have ordered a 2003 5500 so will find out in due course (October release for Australia) but thought some of you septics might have the answer.

The reason I ask is that, as you will see from our club ride photo, we need something else to draw attention away from ourselves!
re: Dura Ace Gold?Geds
Sep 17, 2002 10:49 PM
Are you/your club in Queensland?

If you are (I'm guessing from the number plates) that might explain the photo a bit!! :)

Hope no-one bit the bitumen...
re: Dura Ace Gold?deHonc
Sep 18, 2002 1:34 PM

Yep - We are the pride of Brisbane town - The University of Queensland Cycle Club. This photo is taken on Park Road Milton (passing the infamous Park Road Mob headquarters -home to a bunch of rich 60 year olds with $10,000 bikes). As you can see - there is a minature Eiffel tower - not the only erection to shrink in this particular shot!


What part of Qld do you ride?Iwannapodiumgirl
Sep 17, 2002 11:50 PM
I will make sure not to ride there! I will stick to the relative safety of Sydney...
What part of Qld do you ride?deHonc
Sep 18, 2002 1:38 PM

Around Brisbane mainly - with the UQ cycle club. But am doing the BikeSA Ride from Clare to Wilpena Pound next week so nowhere in Australia is safe really!


re: Dura Ace Gold?merckx56
Sep 18, 2002 7:06 AM
the d/a chainrings have alwats been slightly darker than the rest of the polished stuff in the group. on my monitor, they look like a dark ti color. according to shimano, nothing has changed for 2003.
ps- you australians really need to find something to do woth your spare time! a bunch of guys riding together naked is a bit frightening. especially in a land where the sheep are considered potential mates. :)
re: Dura Ace Gold?deHonc
Sep 18, 2002 1:44 PM

Thanks for the info - You're quite right about the spare time issue - but do you know how hard it is to train a sheep to ride a bike? Whilst attemting to instruct my latest sheep friend the other day, someone yelled out, "Hey - shouldn't you be shearing that?" - to which my reply came, "I'm not sharing her with anyone!"

Thanks again.

If they were gold plated ...the other Tim
Sep 18, 2002 2:57 PM
how long do you think it would be before Campy copied it?

Sorry. I couldn't help myself. At least it wasn't an SUV comment.
Campy 50 yr ann. group had gold plated parts n/mcurlybike
Sep 18, 2002 5:04 PM