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BB for Campy Daytona crank(7 posts)

BB for Campy Daytona crankMXL02
Sep 16, 2002 11:32 AM
My local wrench is building up a frame for me using components from an old bike with Campy daytona. He said the Bottom bracket needs to be replaced, but said that Record and Chorus BB's won't fit the crank, only another Daytona or the Campy Track version. He is talking me into the track version...will this be ok?
Check out the Branford Bike website for the scoopOffTheBack
Sep 16, 2002 12:08 PM
on Campy crank / BB compatibility. www.
re: BB for Campy Daytona crankDaveG
Sep 16, 2002 4:47 PM
I initially would have thought no. But, looking at Branford I see that the Record Track BB uses the same spindle length (111mm) at the Centaur(Daytona)/Veloce BB. The track BB is quite a bit lighter. So it appears your mechanic is correct. If this works, I my try this option when my Centaur BB needs replacing.
re: BB for Campy Daytona crankLeroy
Sep 17, 2002 4:29 AM
Is spindle length the only consideration - besides the campy taper ? The Branford site doesn't say the bb will work with daytona, it only talks about older record groups. If the bb will work with daytona, I've got a bike I'll use it on right now. I'd rather use a campy component than the phil bracket I was going to use.

Dave Loving
We'll find out 10-9, after vacation; I just ordered one. nmLeroy
Sep 17, 2002 4:42 AM
please post the results. Other Centaur owners may be interestedDaveG
Sep 17, 2002 8:14 AM
go for it - i have a track b/b with a c-record cranksetSpirito
Sep 17, 2002 1:45 PM
the older loose cup/bearing/spindle track bb and the c-record bb were identical but these are no longer available.

i was also thinking to opt for phil wood but went for the newer style carbon sleeved track bb as it has the same 111mm axle width and symmetrical spindles. it all sits perfect with regard to crank arm clearance (equidistant from both chainstays) and chainline. from what i know and have read the daytona/centaur and veloce cranks should fit the same way.