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Bontrager Race Lite v Shimano WH-6500s(2 posts)

Bontrager Race Lite v Shimano WH-6500sGeds
Sep 16, 2002 1:41 AM
I'm looking at getting some new wheels. Anyone with any sage insights on the above wheels, which I am considering? Is it worth upgrading from the 105 hub factory fitted jobbies I have at the moment? (I think my rims are Matrix Auroras?)

Many thanks.
re: Bontrager Race Lite v Shimano WH-6500sTrekFurthur
Sep 16, 2002 6:47 AM
I'd say it depends on the use you have in mind for them; I have no experience with the Shimano's, but lots with the RaceLites. I'd think they would both be good for fast training rides or high-intensity recreational riding, as they feel pretty fast and look good. However, neither wheelset are even fairly light. The Bontragers are approx. 1700 grams, but the rear wheel is over 1000 grams on its own, which makes for a fairly heavy feeling wheel. I have built up a set of Dura-Ace hubbed/Mavic Open Pro wheels, that weigh in the 1600's; they feel just as fast (actually the wheel acceleration seems better) and ride more comfortably.

I definitely think the Bontragers would be an upgrade from where you are now, but don't discount a wheelset similar to what you've got, just better.