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Paint Removal / Addition(3 posts)

Paint Removal / Additionp0seid0n
Sep 12, 2002 4:24 PM
Hey, I was looking to get some sort of a custom paint job on my carbon road frame. (yea its a postal job) What i was actually wondering is if its possible to remove stock paint such as silver? I can't understand why Trek covers up the great looking carbon with cheaplooking silver so I wanted to try and reveal that and then put a clear coat over it. Anyone think this is possible to have a custom shop do? Thanks for any info!
possible, but not recommended...C-40
Sep 12, 2002 5:17 PM
A painted carbon frame must be hand sanded to remove the paint completely. You risk the chance of sanding through the base coat of epoxy resin and exposing fibers. Not a good thing.

You may also find the the frame was painted to cover up a less than perfect layup of the carbon fiber cloth. It might not be as pretty as you think.

Better to sand sufficiently to get down to the primer and then have it repainted. It will take a lot of hours or a lot of $ to have someone else do it.
possible, but not recommended...p0seid0n
Sep 12, 2002 6:12 PM
Come to think of it, thats probably exactly why Trek has begun to paint over the carbon frames entirely for '03 - they're too lazy to ensure that all the carbon looks right on them!