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Shimano LX MTB 9 sp shifters w/105 derailler and cassette?(4 posts)

Shimano LX MTB 9 sp shifters w/105 derailler and cassette?arrdee
Sep 12, 2002 12:09 PM
My road bike has 9speed 105 components; I want to switch from a drop bar to a mountain bike flat bar to give my back a break. Will 9sp LX shifter pods work, or do I have to order the Shimano SL-R440 shifter pods?
Don't know why that wouldn't work.Spoke Wrench
Sep 12, 2002 12:57 PM
I actually think the brakes will become the issue. If you use genuine Shimano brake levers, they come with an adjustment so I think you can reduce the cable pull to suit road calipers better.

You'll also probably have to either get a mountain stem or maybe shim your existing stem to fit the smaller diameter mountain handlebar.
yesoff roadie
Sep 12, 2002 2:15 PM
The shifting should be fine. LX front shifter isn't designed to work with double front rings, but that's what limit screws are for. The back shifter is completely compatable, as long as both are 9 speed.

As the other poster mentioned, the braking might be a problem. Compared to road bike brake levers, linear pull (v brake) levers pull more cable, but not as hard. If you have integrated brake levers and shift pods, youll need to compensate somehow. QPB's "travel agent" will do the trick. Cantilever brake levers produce the same cable pull as road brakes, and some adjustable pull levers (Shimano, Avid) will do an OK job as well.

Also as mentioned, MTB bars are typically a little smaller in diamter than road bars.

MTB bars can't really solve back problems in and of themselves- some flat bar bikes are pretty hard on the back even on shorter road rides. Have you considered just raising your stem and getting wider (and / or cowhorn) road style bars?
re: Shimano LX MTB 9 sp shifters w/105 derailler and cassette?harry hall
Sep 13, 2002 4:13 PM
Why not just a taller handlebar stem a la Nitto Technomic?
That way you keep all your road controls and have the multiple positions provided by drop bars. Flat bars and comfort don't necessarily go together. With your tall stem also try a handlebar like the TTT Morphe or Nitto Randonneur. Your LBS can get all the TTT stuff you want and probably the Nitto stem, Rivendell carries a very full range of Nitto merchandise.