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Alex Equation Wheels - need info(2 posts)

Alex Equation Wheels - need infoSherpa
Sep 12, 2002 9:58 AM
Has anyone ever heard of these wheels ... I'm been checking them out at a local shop ... they come with some models made by Raliegh. They look very slick and well made. I've also found a guy on eBay that says this:

"They are 16h front, 20h rear. The spokes are bladed stainless steel, in a super-aero 1-cross lacing pattern. Both the front and rear hubs used 7075 aluminum axles, with a sealed-bearing aluminum freehub body in the rear. This is a super aero, super-light wheelset. At sub-1600g, you can race on the hilliest courses without sacrificing one bit of durability. If you can't bear to pay a premium for the over-priced offerings from Mavic or Shimano, these wheels are for you. Train on them, race on them. These are all-day-long, all-year-long racing & training wheels. Wheels include a set of skewers and a cassette lockring."

Does anyone have first hand experience with these wheels to back up the above quote?

Same as Supergo Xero and PerformanceDave Hickey
Sep 12, 2002 12:38 PM
They are made by Formula. I have the Supergo set. I have about 2,000 miles with no problems. I paid $219 at Supergo for the set.