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Nexave Component Group(2 posts)

Nexave Component Groupfreyderico
Sep 12, 2002 4:31 AM
Opinions. I can't seem to find any independent reviews/info on the Nexave
600 component group. I'm considering 2 bikes right now -- (2002 Bianchi
Mondiale -- nexave) and (2002 Specialized Cirrus Sport/2003 Specialized
Cirrus Expert -- tiagra).

Here are links to the specs:

I want a fast bike, mainly for the road, but occassionally for light trail.
Does anyone have any knowledge of how this nexave group will perform?

Didn't figure you'd get any replies to this -- it's notscottfree
Sep 13, 2002 6:53 AM
a Nexave crowd.

Nexave isn't meant for anything 'serious' or fast. It's (in Shimano's own words) 'designed to offer relaxed, comfortable and low maintenance biking for casual and recreational purposes.'

However, if you're asking this question, it could well be that Nexave will work just fine for you. My wife has a Nexave-equipped comfort bike that works very well for her.

As Grant Peterson once said: "It's made by Shimano so you know it works."