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Campy Record Pro·Fit PLUS vs. Look PP396 or CX7(25 posts)

Campy Record Pro·Fit PLUS vs. Look PP396 or CX7BDB
Sep 10, 2002 7:50 AM
Just sold my old road bike with Look pedals and purchased my new Ti bike with Campy Record 10 groupo and since the price was right I got the Campy Pro fit plus pedals as well. Love everything about the bike and groupo with exception of the pedals (Not familiar with, I know...why did I buy them. Right?), even though as nice and light, quality and finish they have.

Love the way these pedals look and feel and understand Campy Record pedals are one of the lightest available around, but beside that being the highlight, haven't heard anything good about entry and exit to the pedals, how finish of the pedal (And yes, they are work of art) wears quickly, how bad the cleats are, wearing off quickly and are not all that to start with.

I never used Campy pedals and always had Look, so facing a dilemma to spend the extra $40-$50 for cleats (Trust me its not the money) and the metal plate to reconfigure my Sidi shoes to fit the Campy and to realize don't like them and then go to Look pedals. Or, get myself new Look PP396 ($80 plus shipping) or even a CX7, and stay with the product that I know works well for me!

So, what do you think? As always any advise is welcome.

re: Campy Record Pro·Fit PLUS vs. Look PP396 or CX7Mike Prince
Sep 10, 2002 8:20 AM
There have been several threads on the pro-fit vs. looks, so I'll leave that search to you. Campy (and Shimano)pedals have better bearing quality than Looks and from memory pro-fit users have no entry/engagement issues after getting acquainted with their new pedals. Have only test-ridden the pro-fits and liked them a lot, just couldn't find a compelling reason to abandon my old Shimano Looks.

Campy cleats use the same mounting pattern as Look, so you will not need a new adaptor plate should you go Campy. Most feedback from regulars on this space who use pro-fits has been positive.

This probably has not solved your obsessiveness about pedals so I'll leave that for others to solve. Good luck.
Used to use the Pro FitsMcAndrus
Sep 10, 2002 9:27 AM
I used to use the Pro Fits but changed to Speedplay when I developed a left knee problem. The problem is under control so the Speedplays seem to have done their job - but back to your question.

The only complaint I ever had about Campy pedals was the quick-wearing cleat. If you buy them from an LBS they're expensive to replace. If you go on-line you can get them for much less.

Oh, and I've used Looks as well so I know the differences and while Look makes an excellent pedal, I prefer the feel of the Campy - lighter with more float and easier exit.

I'd still be riding the Campys if it weren't for the knee thing.
My experience is that my Look cleats wore faster than my Campybill
Sep 10, 2002 10:11 AM
cleats. That's my impression; it's hardly scientific, and it seems to be unique to me, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it.
re: Campy Record Pro·Fit PLUS vs. Look PP396 or CX7bigdeal
Sep 10, 2002 11:42 AM
Well, I used the PP396 pedals this spring and summer, had no real issues with them other than weight. I just bought a new pair of campy pro-fits for my new ride (merchx majestic, record - OH YA) and have been testing them for about a week. Thus far I've found them just as easy (if not easier) to get into as the Look, but easier to get out of which is a double edged sword. On one hand, great for city, on the other hand I constantly fear pulling out on a sprint and eating gravel.
Sum up: PP396 is harder to get out of but gives a wider platform for my feet, and a more secure feeling. So much in fact that I'm considering selling the campys.
re: Campy Record Pro·Fit PLUS vs. Look PP396 or CX7BDB
Sep 10, 2002 12:25 PM
Based on what you guys telling me and again what I read, looks like I'll buy myself pair of PP396 and sell the campy's.
re: Campy Record Pro·Fit PLUS vs. Look PP396 or CX7aeon
Sep 10, 2002 9:29 PM
Why? Almost all of the replies are pro-campy Pro Fit =).
re: Campy Record Pro·Fit PLUS vs. Look PP396 or CX7BDB
Sep 10, 2002 1:19 PM
Hey who stole my login id???

The real BDB.
Balanced pictureKerry
Sep 10, 2002 5:31 PM
The ProFit is a much better pedal than the Look. Build quality, bearings, weight, materials, design, etc. That doesn't mean you'll like them better, but they are excellent pedals. Cleat replacement ($20 for the plastic part, which is all you need, vs. $14 for Look red cleats) is dependent largely on how much you walk on them, not on how much you ride on them. Platform is the same size as Look because the cleat is the same size. Entry is the same as with Look, exit is easier, likelihood of accidental release is lower due to design.
related: how often are you guys changing Campy cleats?desmo
Sep 11, 2002 7:28 AM
I've been riding the Pro-Fits for about a year and really like them. But as noted the cleats seem to wear very fast. I try not to walk on them (started using sandals to get to the end of my gravel driveway) but they still seem to wear out fast, leaving your foot "rattling" around a bit in the pedals. I've never pulled out but when they get "loose" I've noticed some foot pain . Dressing them flat with a wood-file helps to square them up and make them sit better on the pedal, but the material is still gone. So anyway, how often are you guys changing out cleats?
gollee, I've never even thought about squaring them up --bill
Sep 11, 2002 9:28 AM
I think you may be shooting yourself in the proverbial foot by doing that. I'm not positive, but I have to believe that you are both shortening the life and compromising the function. By squaring them up, you are shortening the cleat and changing the shape, and I would think that that would matter.
Anyway, you asked how long. I go through maybe 1, 1 1/2 sets per year. I ride maybe 3 or 4,000 miles/year, something like that (I don't actually know how many miles I ride).
But the wear also depends on how you use them. I completely trashed a set on the AIDSRide, because I was constantly walking in them. Of late, I haven't seen much wear, because I set my foot down at a light now and then and that's about it.
Let's put it this way; compared to Looks, I am not at all surprised or disappointed by the wear I get out of Campy cleats.
Campy it is!REZA
Sep 11, 2002 11:30 AM
First things first:
RH: sorry for using (Not knowingly) your id!!! Geez!

Now that I've read the postings, changed my mind, will go-ahead, setup the campy and give them a try. This will be my 6th pedal (Mode/Brand) and third for road. So, its not that I'm not use to using one!
As for cleats, I also trashed a set of look cleats during the AidsRide, as was mentioned ,all due to walking around. If one or two campy cleats a year, that's totally acceptable.
My other concern is rubbing against the crank and read somewhere has a closer platform ratio to crank vs. look!? Don't want to ruin my Record cranks, so any last thoughts on that?

Campy it is!Mike Prince
Sep 11, 2002 12:18 PM
How will rubbing against the crank ruin it? If your ankle rubs against the crank, I would worry about ankle damage, not crank damage. There should be enough side-to-side adjustability to minimize or eliminate any ankle rubbing. Occasional shoe/ankle and crank contact is a fact of life as you sprint, engage and disengage from the pedals, etc. I assume you are referring to minor scuffing on the face of the crankarm or some defacement of the "record" script on the crank as "ruining" the crank. Get over that as it's the badge of a well-used bicycle.
Campy it is!REZA
Sep 11, 2002 1:56 PM
Have no problem with the "Badge of a well-used bicycle" and god knows had plenty of that in my lifetime.
Just not my perfect Campy's! ;-)
Spacing tipKerry
Sep 11, 2002 4:51 PM
If your ankles are too close to the cranks, just put some spark plug washers (AKA spark plug gaskets) on the pedals to space them out a mm or two. You'll have to file out the inside of the washers just a tad.
gollee, I've never even thought about squaring them up --desmo
Sep 12, 2002 3:05 PM
well since you seem to be implying that I'm a Gomer of sorts I will elaborate. By "squaring up", all I'm doing is knocking off the thin frayed plastic that beads up along the edges. Yes, it's removing some material but just material that keeps the cleat from sitting flat on the pedal. I'm not removing anything from the "hook", or changing the shape.
dude. I was referring to MYSELF as a gomer, if anything. youbill
Sep 13, 2002 6:03 AM
obviously took care to address a problem that I never thought existed. no worries.
no problem. me and the boys at the fillin' stationdesmo
Sep 13, 2002 7:13 AM
are just a bit sensitive sometimes.
Cleat change frequencyKerry
Sep 11, 2002 5:21 PM
I must be doing something wrong, as my Campy cleats last over 20K miles. I often do a track stand at stop lights/stop signs, and I wear cleat covers at ride breaks. You guys who are wearing them out every 3K miles are just walking in them too much.
My last attempt at a track stand cost me a lot more than abill
Sep 12, 2002 6:09 AM
set of cleats. I fell over, banged up my knee, scuffed my brand-spanking new frigging $180 Fizik saddle, and scratched up my carbon lever shifters. Oh, and bruised my ego.
I need to practice those friggin track stands.
Pro Fit vs. Pro Fit PlusPsalm 147-10_11
Sep 12, 2002 6:16 AM
Question: Where do you get the cleat covers, or do you just use Look covers. If so, do they stay on okay? I tried putting Look covers on at a shop one day and thought they would fall off when walking because they couldn't clip into the back of the cleat like a Look.

Here's a bit of history regarding Pro-Fit vs Pro-Fit Plus:
When Pro Fit pedals were first introduced they had problems with the finish and with quick wearing cleats (the original floating cleats were the same color as a plastic milk container). The original pedals also had a painted finish.

Campy later introduced the Pro Fit Plus with a polished finish that lasts much longer and a new, longer-lasting cleat (it is now grey rather than milk white).

While the cleats are easier to exit, they are designed to be almost impossible to pull out of when sprinting. I understand that the design is such that when you exert pressure on the pedal, it won't release. If people have a hard time unclipping, they just need to "unweight" the pedal as they clip out.

I've used the Pro-Fit plus pedals for several years and like them.
Pro Fit vs. Pro Fit Plus..Is there a cleat difference?REZA
Sep 12, 2002 9:21 AM
Last night bought the Campy ProFit cleats for my pedals. Got home, removed my look cleats and installed the Campy (The grey looking ones) and so far no problem. When tried to clip-in, the cleat seems bit longer than the pedal and couldn't be clipped-in at all!!? The package says it's a Record Profit, the pedals are Record ProFit....So what could be the problem?

Didn't think was that hard to clip-in, so gave it a good try and there is no way those cleats will fit into the pedals! Could I have Chorus pedals with Record written on them? Are the Chorus cleats different from Record cleats?

Did I need the metal plate? even going form a Sidi shoe fitted with Look cleats and the fact that the holes and the surface space is the same!!! Will screw surface make the difference?

Help!!!! :-)
You need the metal cleat too.Psalm 147-10_11
Sep 12, 2002 10:57 AM
Unfortunately, you needed to get the metal cleat in addition to the plastic ones. The metal part inserts into the plastic cleat and is the part that actually connects to the pedal. Campy sells them seperately because only the plastic part wears out. If you look at Branford's site, they probably have photos of what the part looks like. Hope you get it worked out soon.
Kool Kovers?Sintesi
Sep 12, 2002 10:27 AM
Do those fit Pro-fit?
sort of. well enough. nmbill
Sep 12, 2002 11:13 AM