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Threaded to Threadless - possible?(6 posts)

Threaded to Threadless - possible?hulksmash
Sep 9, 2002 5:44 AM
Is it possible to change a threaded 1" headset/fork combo to threadless? Assuming of course that I buy a suitable1" fork and headset. Thanks.
Sep 9, 2002 5:58 AM
You'd need a fork, headset, and stem.

Or, just get a threadless quill adapter plus a threadless stem, like this:

What are you trying to accomplish by doing this? It's a lotbill
Sep 9, 2002 6:39 AM
of money for some minimal incremental improvement. I think that threadless is a little bit stiffer, but you really have to want it bad to spend all that money.
What are you trying to accomplish by doing this? It's a lothulksmash
Sep 9, 2002 7:25 AM
Just trying to update an old icon air rail to a newer Reynolds or Look fork. I'm not sure if there's a substantial improvement by doing so, I was just curious.
Others may have other opinions, but I really wonder whetherbill
Sep 9, 2002 7:55 AM
it could be worth it. My 1 1/8" threadless setup is noticeably stiffer than my 1" threaded setup, but I have to wonder how much of that is due to the added dimension.
I think that if you have an older headset, not a Chris King or anything, and you absolutely steal a fork, maybe it could be worth it. Then you'll need a new stem, too. For quality stuff, the kind that might actually make a difference, you're talking about $300 for the fork, $50-$100 for the headset, and $50-$100 for the stem. That's a lot of money.
Others may have other opinions, but I really wonder whetherpink
Sep 9, 2002 12:46 PM
If you are doing this to a frame you love it is worth the cost. It can shave a pound or more off the total weight and you will get a noticably stiffer front end due to the way the threadless stem attaches to the fork and becouse these stems are stiffer by design. Pluse this is your chance to change handleing if you wish. More rake for quicker handleing or less for more stability. As for stems go with the Ritchey WCS. Its the most bang for the buck. If you think you will want a completly new bike soon forget it.