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Name that price, or "did I stick it to a friend?"...(4 posts)

Name that price, or "did I stick it to a friend?"...Kurt H
Sep 7, 2002 3:22 PM
Hey folks,
I think I may have overpriced some stuff to a friend today, but I'll ask for opinions here. I hadn't really thought about selling all of this to him when he came by and had to come up with a price quickly. What I sold him:

- Cannondale CAAD3 cyclocross frame with headshok, stem, and flat bars (from a Cannondale Adventure, which I think uses a slightly shorter travel than the XS800)
- 9 speed front and rear XT derailleurs
- 9 Speed splined triple crankset from Cannondale with splined bottom bracket and "campus" pedals (the Wellgo's that are platforms on one side and SPD on the other)
- 9 speed flat bar shifters (the new ones from Shimano made specifically for flat bars)
- Magura HS-11 brakeset
- Nondescript seat post, don't know the brand, an old WTB saddle, and a seat bag

All of the moving parts and frame are pretty much new, having maybe about 1,000 or so miles. My asking price was $400, which I thought was pretty darn fair. Any other opinions?? Let the accusations of foul play fly!

Kurt H

P.S. The frame was too small for me, but fit him fine. We went to the LBS to pick up a pair of wheels, but they didn't have anything built up and available other than the "canned" wheels, like Bontrager and Mavic. We picked up a pair of Mavic Cosmos (my friend didn't want to wait to have a pair built up, he wanted to take everything home today), an 11-32 LX cassette, some Tufo clincher/tubular cross tires, and some of the regular knick-knacks (Tufo flat fixer, mini frame pump, water bottle). When we put everything together, I am so sad that the frame didn't fit me. It looks incredible! If I can snap a couple of pix I will.
re: Name that price, or "did I stick it to a friend?"...Akirasho
Sep 8, 2002 4:01 AM
... sounds fair enuff to me, especially since "what the market will bear" is the cornerstone of Capitalism... not "what's fair"...

If your friend gets good use from said, then I see no problems and two happy campers (I recently sold some stuff to friends and felt "guilty" because of said friendships... but then thought of retail prices... discount prices... and what I charged and felt is was... "fair"... I even let one borrow some of my specialty tools gratis to install his new fork, stem and headset... hmmmmmm, might have to revise my pricing structure!)

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Don't know about the roadie
Sep 8, 2002 10:04 AM
But I'd sayt $150-$225 is a nice price for the rest of the stuff, depnding on how nice a "friends discount" you give. Add in a nice frame, $400 sounds fair. It sounds like he got a very cool bike (with brand new wheels) for what, $700?
A little more $$ than thatKurt H
Sep 8, 2002 6:19 PM
He was closer to $800-850 by the time we got done at the LBS, but some of that wasn't actually the bike.
Take the $400 for what he got from me, and add:
$275-300 for a pair of Mavic Cosmos (he didn't want to wait for a pair of wheels to be built up or order something online)
$45-50 LX cassette (I threw in a basically new chain)
$90 Tufo clincher-tubular tires + Tufo flat sealant "stuff" (about $5)
$20 mini pump
$8 Park basic allen key set (anything requiring a toolbox deeper than that and he'll call me for a ride home, anyway!)
LBS tossed in a water bottle....I think he's pretty much set!
I guess I just hope that he gets a lot of use out of it. I'd feel bad selling a friend more bike than he needs and then he doesn't really ride it. Of course, he's an adult and it's his money to spend as he sees fit!
FWIW, frame was definitely nice, with low miles and just a couple of scratches that were small enough I didn't even notice them until I was scrubbing it down to send it to E-Bay. It still had the original bike shop and Cannondale size stickers on it.
The great part is that he wants to ride some trails now and maybe a little on the road (cross sounds perfect), but is thinking of training for a triathlon in the future. I'm sure a cross bike won't make an IDEAL tri-bike, but with the nice wheelset he can swap on some drop bars, trade the hydraulics for cantis and the shifters for STI, and put some 700X23s on it and at least be able to finish in a respectible time (motor willing, that is).
Kurt H