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Polar S710 vs CicloSport HAC 4 ?? (or?)(3 posts)

Polar S710 vs CicloSport HAC 4 ?? (or?)CarbonCampy
Sep 5, 2002 3:15 PM
I'm interested in getting the latest & greatest cyclocomputer/heart rate monitor for a new bike just built up without cluttering up my new ride. I've had separate cyclocomputer & Polar HR monitor previously. These worked OK but now I have an option to get the current tech. The "must-have" are an (accurate) altimeter, heart rate, and the basic cyclocomputer functions (dist. time etc.). Anyone familiar with these two products? How accurate is the altimeter (ie. same ride yields same vertical feet climbed etc.) and do the sensors ruin a clean classic bike. Wireless is good. Any insight is welcome.
S710 - the World is your Oyster!grzy
Sep 6, 2002 11:26 AM
Seriously a great piece of technology packed with enough features to keep even Bill Gates up late at night. I find the S710 to be pretty accurate in all respects except for one - I seem to be having trouble getting it the wheel size correlate with my other computers, other riding partners, and known distances. The solution is pretty easy - determine the error and apply a correction to the wheel size - I just haven't done it yet. I honestly can't find a good reason to buy the Power unit - what would I do with the information, how would I use it, and one look at all of the clutter and wires is a huge turn off. Having wireless speed and cadence along with altitude and HR all synched up and able to down load is quite nifty. Being able to swtich between the MTB and the road bike or some other sport in a flash is awesome. Dunno much about CicloSport HAC 4, but Polar has really lead the industry in HRM technology and advances - not that they haven't had some stumbles and pricing issues, but the S710 is a breeze to use and has proven to be pretty bomb proof (and I'm hell on electronic gadgets).
re: Polar S710 vs CicloSport HAC 4 ?? (or?)letsGoOn2
Sep 6, 2002 5:11 PM
I'll second grzy's comments. The S710 is an awesome piece and I can't imagine training without it. The downloadability is great - you get an accurate training diary with all data recorded at 5 second intervals, and the software does all kinds of cool stuff that I haven't even checked out yet.

I do not have the power sensor, but I could easily see myself putting it on my training bike (too much clutter for the prime bike). You mention a concern about the appearance of the speed sensor? One thing to keep in mind is that all wireless speed sensors are going to be on the larger side, and Polar's is no exception. However, I think it has a sleek shape and it isn't too big of an eyesore on my ride. It's definitely better than looping a wire up to the handlebars...