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AX-Lightness Apollo saddle, 70g(8 posts)

AX-Lightness Apollo saddle, 70gberni
Sep 4, 2002 7:37 AM
I should be receiving this saddle in the post in the next few days.

It is the latest model from Ax and weighs about 70g, like the Sprint, etc., except that this new model has a groove down the middle to relieve pressure on the most sensitive bits!

Seems there is a 3 month waiting list for the 'old' models, but as the Apollo is new, just a week a two.

Does anyone here have any experience of these saddles? I have heard from reliable sources that they are very comfortable due to the carbon rails, and the flexible shell.

Let's hope so......
what i have heard...Andreas_Illesch
Sep 4, 2002 8:17 AM
...was about a breaking carbon saddle ( don't know which; tune speed needle or ax.
the sharp break edge cut in the most valueable parts of the rider.
Sep 4, 2002 11:12 AM you have any additional details, such as the weight of the rider and perhaps the location of the break?
Or does the rider now sing soprano? nmDave Hickey
Sep 4, 2002 11:26 AM
be relieved...Andreas_Illesch
Sep 4, 2002 12:57 PM
... it seems to be a rumour concerning the saddlemaker AX.
there were some misunderstandings in november 2001 between AX a competitor and a german cycling magazine.
the following is a statement given by AX at that time. because i'm too lazy too translate it myself i run this through a translator web site so there may be some mistakes (but not as many as if i would do it myself :-))

>>Ladies and Gentlemen,

as manufacturers of the AX Lightness carbon of saddles we would like to take 11/01 position as follows to the expressions of a German competitor and a drawer magazine, output.

How we had unfortunately to experience, this competitor stated for quite some time, one of our saddles was broken and thereby a journalist within the genital area had hurt. An allusion on this statement is even in lightweight construction-saddle test a drawer magazine to read output 11/01. The author of this saddle test had acknowledged us before appearance of the output by E-Mail: "like I indicated you already personally, I know that it did not come into consequence of a saddle break to the violation." Nevertheless in its report the impression is aroused, a break of a saddle was led to the violation of a colleague. To these records the competitor appoints itself now additionally with information as our products and calls the name AX Lightness as a manufacturer of the allegedly broken saddle. These expressions of the competitor do not correspond to the truth.
It is correct that a journalist of the "Bike sport News magazine" hurt himself at one our old "Sprint" saddles. However its violation came off not by a break, but by an extremely unfortunate accident in the Mountainbike application, when it slipped over a root and hit with full force against the saddle. Even the saddle withstood this enormous load completely without prejudice to. We give the acknowledgement of the journalist concerned you when desired gladly.
We regret this incident, however it gives us the possibility of developing our products still further. Thus we modified the form of the model "Sprint", in order to let it become even our favored Mountainbike saddle. We denials not that it came initially also with our products to sorted breaks in the cover. Of it also no competitor will be able itself to acquit. We welcome any type of feedback, since this gives us the possibility to drive the development in front further. Since the kontruktiven modifications come from it is more well-known us no break. Aforementioned remarks concern only the model "Sprint".
With that tested model "Endurance" us still not one warranty claim is well-known.
We build our saddles of request and operator's weight referred. Thus we can offer the maximum at comfort and security, as well as the minimum in weight to the customer. Therefore we would like to offer consciously no university saddle for all targeted applications and driver types, even if this were the surely simpler solution for us.

Please you contact with questions to our products and this incident us personally. Thus you give us the chance to describe you the technical differences to products of the competitors over for the future no more untruths be responsible to let.
We look forward to your establishment of contact with us and remain up to then,

with sporty greetings,

Axel Schnura
AX Lightness<<
Sep 4, 2002 1:13 PM
here is the site of the german manufacturer:
it seems that they build your chosen saddle model according to your weight. about a minimalist saddleColnagoFE
Sep 4, 2002 9:03 AM
can't see how they could get 'em any lighter than that. my 135 gram SLR is actualy pretty comfortable due to the shape and the fact that the tubular TI rails and the CF shell flex quite a bit. Makes up for the lack of padding.
I think I need to get one of thoseniteschaos
Sep 6, 2002 5:57 PM
How much?

I have used carbon seats in Olympic Style sweep rowing. For a road bike application I don't think you'd have to worry about it hurting you. I'd check it for cracks just like a carbon fork or frame before each ride. Isn't there an all carbon seat by Selle?