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The Claw(3 posts)

The ClawGMS
Sep 3, 2002 7:01 PM
This waterbottle cage was discontinued by Crank Brothers. Anyone know why, or have experience with them? It seems like they'd be nice and light, not put marks on everything they touch, and be less obstructive than normal cages.

Was there something dislikable about the locking mechanism?

What's a good cage if not these? Stainless?
re: The ClawJekyll
Sep 3, 2002 9:48 PM
Can't help you on the Claw but I just swapped out my trusty Elites for a set of Trax cages. Odd design but they hold bottles well (almost too well) and do not seem to mark them up.
re: The Clawtahoskier
Sep 4, 2002 10:57 AM
I was using the claw cages for a while. They were a pain in the ass. They clamp down on the bottle well and they didn't mark up my bottles at all but the closing mechanism didn't work as easy as advertised. Also there as a lot of road vibration noise unless the bottle was clamped tightly. And I couldn't get the bottle clamped tightly with out manually clamping down on the cage arms. Basically your hands would be down in the bottle area a long time compared to a standard cage. I ended up going to elites and used the claw on my mountain bike. They hold my light battery very well.