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Look frames - adjustable wheelbase(9 posts)

Look frames - adjustable wheelbaseGMS
Sep 2, 2002 5:08 PM
I was looking at Look frames and I noticed a couple things. First, they apparently have an adjustable wheelbase, according to the description. How does this work? I have never seen a frame with moveable parts, and there's probably a good reason for that.

Also, every size Look frame has a 72.5 degree seat tube angle. That seems really laid back, especially for smaller frames (where other manufacturers go to 75 degree angles). Combine that with Look's Ergo setback seatpost and you are a mile away from the bottom bracket. Some people just like the seat that far back?
adjustable dropoutfiltersweep
Sep 2, 2002 6:14 PM
Looks have an "adjustable dropout"- both of which are held on by three bolts- the dropouts can "slide" back and are adjustable like your cleats might be adjusted, which in turn adjusts the wheelbase. I think it gives you maybe a whole cm of adjustment- not much, but who really wants to fool around with their wheelbase? The chainstay is already quite short- my setup is most of the way back (which should give extra clearance) and with 23 tires there is very little clearance between the tire and seat tube.

I also have the ergo post, and it is a bit odd- even when the seat is moved to the most forward position, it still "appears" to be set back. In other words, it seems like it is "BACK", "WAY BACK", and "WAY WAY BACK."
way-back seatGMS
Sep 2, 2002 6:53 PM
Yeah, the seat tube angle is scaring me. I think I'm a good fit for a 73 degree STA. But Look seat tubes also have an unconventional diameter, right? So my choice of seat posts would be limited, and the "way way back" setting is exhausting for me.

Thanks for explaining the adjustabout dropouts.
Seat tube is 25.0 diameterDave Hickey
Sep 2, 2002 7:12 PM
There are a lot of seat posts in 25.0. American Classic, ITM, LOOK, and USE are just a few. I really don't notice the setback that much. I have my LOOK post on the middle setting and the post is mounted closer to the rear of the saddle rails. This set up gives me the same KOP(knee over pedal)as my other bikes.
Sep 2, 2002 8:12 PM
There's absolutely NO reason why any person couldn't get a good fit on a LOOK frame.

Seat tube is 25.0 diameterbobobo
Sep 3, 2002 6:26 PM
I tried to fit to Looks geometry and couild not pull it off. The TT was simply way too long for me even with saddle adjustments. I have very long legs and in order to get the TT short enough, I would have been forced to go with a frame so small that I never ever would have gotten the bars high enough on such a frame without an ungodly long quill stem or about 5cm of spacers in a threadless design. not everyone can be fit to a Merckx or Look frame, that's bull dookey.
way-back seat: i like it!trx0x
Sep 6, 2002 8:31 AM
the reason i got a look frame was because of the relaxed seat tube angle; 72.5 was the smallest angle i've seen.
i mean, it depends on you riding style. personally, i find myself sitting back and powering down. and i have the look ergo seatpost, and i put it in the 'middle' position.

adjustable dropouttarwheel
Sep 3, 2002 4:16 AM
I don't own a Look, nor have I ever ridden one. However, I do own a Gios Compact Pro, which also has adjustable rear dropouts. The dropouts let you vary the chainstay length by about 1 cm. It is very simple to do, you just loosen a couple screws and slide the dropout forward or back. Supposedly, the frame climbs better with the shorter length and is more comfortable with the longer length. I have mine slid all the way back, or lengthened, and the chainstays are still only about 40 cm long. BTW, the Gios frame is the polar opposite in geometry from the Look in just about every other way. It has a short top tube, steep seat angle (74) and very short chainstays. However, it rides very nice and is very stiff when standing for climbs.
one more thing ...tarwheel
Sep 3, 2002 4:18 AM
Probably the biggest advantage of having the adjustable dropouts is that they can easily be replaced if damaged. Replacement dropouts for my Gios cost about $30, which is considerably less money than having the frame repaired if the dropouts were ever damaged. I am sure the same applies to Look frames.