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New noise after chain/cassette replacement.(3 posts)

New noise after chain/cassette replacement.gray8110
Sep 1, 2002 9:49 PM
Ok, all was well with my bike except it needed a new cassette and a new chain. It was running great, no drivetrain noises whatsoever. So I put on a new cassette and a new chain today and removed the crankarms to clean the chainrings and grease the spline on the bb axle. I get everything up and running without a hitch. Go out and ride and it still shifts beautifully but now I get a repeating grinding noise that can even be felt through the pedals. It's more obvious when I put some power in the pedals. It isn't the chain hitting the front derailleur, it's a softer less metalic noise than that. Nothing I can do with the trim or the downtube adjusters makes a difference. The weird thing is that it only happens in the small chainring though. Thinking I had possibly done something wrong or had a faulty part. I went back to step one and put on the old cassette just to make sure that wasn't the problem with the new one and removed and reapplied the crankarms to make sure I got them on all the way.. no problems there, but with the old cassette I still had the same problem I made sure the chainrings were installed properly.. still no resolution. (BTW both cassettes were 11-23; the old was ultegra the new was DA. The old chain was a SRAM PC-59 and the new DA) This seems to happen in all 9 gears on the lower ring but on none of the gears on the big ring. I am lost here.. the only thing that I was unable to try was the old chain which is useless as I can't find half of the old powerlink. The only thing I can figure is that I have a chain problem or a rear derailleur problem.. but neither of those really make sense.. The chain works fine on the big ring.. the bike rides silent and like a dream. A rear derailleur problem could come from a chainline issue, but nothing changed as far as chainline goes. If that's a problem now it should have been one before. If my rear derailleur wer out of adjustment or broken, I would have a problem in the big chainring. The only other thing that I can think of is that I changed the chain length according to Sheldon Brown's method.. this involved shortenning the chain by two links.. But since it involves shortenning the chain I don't understand why there would be a problem on the small chainring?? Ideas??

Could it be your new chain is longer by a link or two....High Gear
Sep 2, 2002 4:44 AM
This has happened to me in the past. Having a too long chain will let the rear derailleur fold up and you could have the top jockey wheel rubbing the cassette or chain. You said it doesn't happen in the big ring and that's when the derailleur is more open. See if you can take a link out and or adjust the "B" screw. Please post when you find out what it is.
Maybe it's the small ring up frontrockit
Sep 2, 2002 7:37 AM
The small chainring up front may be worn from the old chain and now it is making noise with the new chain.