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Quill stem stuck...(4 posts)

Quill stem stuck...riney
Sep 1, 2002 1:22 PM
I have a freind (really, its not me, I ride threadless) who's threaded stem is stuck. He loosened the bolt to try to drop it down but it will not budge. Any tips for getting it loose.
Simple..Dave Hickey
Sep 1, 2002 1:32 PM
Loosen the bolt and then tap the top of the bolt with a hammer. Quill stems are two parts, the actual stem and the wedge on the bottom. The wedge is probably still jammed up into the stem. To loosen the wedge, you need to loosen the bolt(don't remove the bolt)and tap it with a hammer. It should free up the wedge.
Or not so simpleKerry
Sep 1, 2002 3:58 PM
Assuming that your friend has indeed tapped the bolt with a hammer to free the wedge/cone and it is still frozen, then it's on to bigger and better things. Some tricks include drizzling Liquid Wrench down the stem and letting it soak for a few days, cleaning ammonia solution in the same place, and the easiest, discharge a CO2 cartidge up the inside of the steerer tube - freezing everything will likely crack the aluminum/steel bond that has formed. The simple preventative is to grease the stem well when you put it in the frame, and then re-grease at least every other year (annual is better).
Coke is itOld_school_nik
Sep 4, 2002 5:52 AM
When I used to work at a shop and Liquid wrench didn't work - we used to pour coca cola down the steering tube and let it sit for a a day or so. I am sure someone here could explain the chemistry behind it - but it apparently works better than anything else -