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Know any tech sites for tubular installation instructions?(6 posts)

Know any tech sites for tubular installation instructions?tirider
Sep 1, 2002 12:14 PM
A buddy of mine just bought a bike with tubbies and he's never used them before (mounting, gluing etc). Also, he's thinking of training with them and does anyone have tire recommendations? I said try Vittoria Open Corsa CX tires at Total Cycling for $42 each. I'm not familiar with the Tufo line and which are good all-rounders but I hear they make great tires. Also what about Veloflex? I like their clinchers but haven't run tubulars in years myself so I am a bit out of the loop. All I here anymore is stay away from cheap tubulars.
Try this siteboneman
Sep 2, 2002 12:04 AM

It's fairly informative. As for tubs, I've ridden most of them over the last 30 years. For general use, training and racing, try the Conti Sprinter at 250 gr. and reasonably long lasting due to tread thickness and casing construction. Pricing in the US is terrible and worth looking at buying in bulk from a European source. They use a synthetic casing material so getting them mounted for the neophyte (they can be tight and pre-stretching doesn't help that much) can be a bear. Conti also make a tire called the Triatholon (BTS 241) which has the synthetic casing but weighs 290 gr, a good choice for training if you can find them.

Tufo's, made in the Czech Republic, are well priced and offer good value. FWIW, Vittoria's are mostly made in Thailand now and people don't rate them as highly but I still like them although again, US pricing sucks.

Veloflex's are made in Italy on the old Vittoria line. Well made and priced to match. Probably more of a race day tire than everyday trainer. Gommitalia's are made on the same line so don't get confused by the labels.

A good value is the Michelin Club. Similar to the Conti Sprinter but the tread thickness is not as great. If you don't have a broken glass problem where you ride, my choice over the Sprinter as their construction is more consistently straight and smooth.

IMO the best tubs remain the Conti Competition's but as long as US pricing remains irrational, I can't recommend them as for value, they're terrible.

Good luck.
Try this siteAkirasho
Sep 2, 2002 2:09 AM (my method)

Tufos have another slight advantage... a removable valve core... so's you can add a bit of puncture sealant. Sometimes hard to find but a decent product (across their line).

Conti Comps can be found a bit cheaper than retail, generally from overseas vendors.

Vittorias seem to wear faster...

We abide.

Remain In Light.
another onejeph
Sep 2, 2002 5:50 PM

Works for me...
Thanks for the info guys...... (nm) gregtirider
Sep 2, 2002 9:36 PM
re: Know any tech sites for tubular installation instructions?JimP
Sep 3, 2002 2:59 PM
The best US price for Conti sprinters is $32 at The Conti's also have removeable valve cores so you can add slime, sealant or extend the valve core for deep dish wheels.