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Cleat adapter question -- answered!!(1 post)

Cleat adapter question -- answered!!p chop
Sep 1, 2002 7:26 AM
For the as-of-now 100 or so people who looked at my query below:

I called the US distributer of DMT shoes, and found out that there is ONE pedal system whose cleats fit DMT shoes without using the (almost 1 cm thick) adapters:

... and a small amount of filing could be necessary with smaller shoe sizes.
So: caveat emptor on the current specials on DMT shoes (I got the R3 for about $100 at Nashbar).

BTW, Coombe Engineering has offered to custom grind their cleats to fit my shoes if I ship them in to them.

Anyone considering DMT's, it would seem, would be left with the three options I see for myself:
1. Buy Speedplay
2. Try Coombe (unproven cleat mating at this point)
3. Use the adapters

Not counting the option of returning the shoes and getting some that are compatible with a given pedal system. I'm considering both Coombe and Speedplay anyway, though. Probably take me the rest of the season to decide.