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Zipp hubs, Campy Cluster and Colnago(1 post)

Zipp hubs, Campy Cluster and ColnagoMGS
Aug 31, 2002 3:05 PM
I'm currently riding a Colnago with Zipp 404 wheels and C-10 record rear cluster. I've noticed that the C-10 chain barely rubs the dropout when in the smallest gear.

This does not happen with wheels built with Record hubs.

I've called and talked to the LBS, and they told me they've also seen this with some Spinergy Xaeros and the Colnago dropout.

The comment was that it probably is a very small problem with the Campy hub set up on these non-campy hubs. \

The problem is resolved by putting a small washer between the cassette lock ring and the dropout. This spreads the rear fork about 1-2mm.

Has anyone else noticed this problem with Campy setups on the Colnago when using a non Campy wheel.