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looking for setback seatpost(8 posts)

looking for setback seatpostbianchi boy
Aug 31, 2002 12:59 PM
I am considering buying a Thomson setback seat post because I am having trouble finding a saddle with long enough rails to achieve the knee-over-pedal position on my frame. This is for my Gios with a steep seat tube angle (74), which I why I'm having the problem. The frame fits me fine otherwise. I had been using a Lepper leather saddle, which has very long rails, but it broke the other day. I am reluctant to spend $100-130 for another Lepper saddle since mine broke. So, my other option is to use a setback seatpost.

I was all ready to buy a Thomson setback post but I've gotten conflicting information on how much if any this will help. Currently I am using a Campy Chorus ti seatpost, which has a fair amount of setback. It is extended to the correct height, with about 5-6" of seatpost showing above the top tube. Anyone, does anyone know if the Thomson SB will give me anymore setback than my Chorus post? I need about 1 cm more of setback, but more than that wouldn't hurt. The salesperson I talked to Excel said the Look carbon post has the most setback and adjustability of any seatpost, but I don't want to spend that much ($166) and don't really want a carbon post -- particularly if it's not any lighter than ti or aluminum ones. One person at Excel told me the Thomson would have 1-2 cm more setback than the Chorus, but another sales guy told me it would be about the same. Also, they said I couldn't return the post once it was installed, but I would have no way of knowing whether it fit without installing it.
Thomson specsSpunout
Sep 1, 2002 3:24 AM
I believe they quote it having 10mm setback.

If I hold a straight edge up the seat tube, the forwardmost mounting bolt is on the centre of the seatpost. The rest is behind.
re: looking for setback seatpostbikkel
Sep 1, 2002 9:25 AM
Take a look at, specialized in seatpost's
Thomson setbackEric_H
Sep 1, 2002 3:53 PM
The Thomson SB post does not really have a large amount of setback. I use one on my bike (Merlin XL, 73 deg seat tube) and it just allows me enough setback with a Flite saddle. I do like the 2-bolt design and the lack of any pressed or welded parts, and since I can achieve my position it works quite well for me. Basically, the front edge of the saddle rail clamp on a Thomson SB post is right in line with the mid-line of the seatpost (and therefore the mid-line of the seat tube). I have an older Campy Record post (aluminium from 1996 or so, prior to the new design Ti and carbon) and it has the front edge of the clamp about 5-6 mm behind the mid-line of the post. If anything, the newer Chorus and Record posts look to have even more setback. So, it is probable that the Thomson will not work for you.

What posts might work? Well, the new Easton posts, the EC70 (carbon) and EA70 (aluminium) both have a clamp which looks to be set back well of the mid-line. Though quite industrial, the Race Face XY seatpost (MTB design) has a lot of setback. And of course the Look post.

Another option might be to get a saddle with longer rails. I know that Selle Italia Flite models have long rails, as do the San Marco Era saddles. Remeber to measure the top length of any saddle, as some have longer noses than others which will affect the setback from BB number. For example, a Flite is 28 cm long and a Turbomatic is 27 cm long. If my saddle tip is 7 cm behind the BB on the Flite, then I would need to put the Turbomatic at 8 cm back to be in roughly the same position.
This is the ticketHigh Gear
Sep 2, 2002 5:18 AM
I had the same problem and this is the only post I could find that had some real setback. It's a Selcof Bio-position and is made very well. I have a black one that I would sell for $40. Check it out.
Send me an e-mailbianchi boy
Sep 2, 2002 12:04 PM
I would be interested in the Selcof post. What is its length, weight, etc.? You can contact me at:
Send me an e-mailbianchi boy
Sep 2, 2002 12:07 PM
BTW, I need a 27.2 post, and prefer the length around 250.
It is. I'll send an e-mail (NM)High Gear
Sep 2, 2002 4:58 PM