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Merckx MX Leader vs Corsa .01(5 posts)

Merckx MX Leader vs Corsa .01bianchi boy
Aug 31, 2002 12:49 PM
Does anyone know the differences between the Merckx Mx Leader and Corsa .01 frames? I know the Corsa 01 has the Century geometry, which is what I am looking for, but I'm not sure about the Mx Leader. I have located one of each of these frames in my size, for comparable prices. The Corsa is new old stock, while the MX Leader is used but in very good condition. Both are 56 cm, which is my size, but I definitely want one with the Century geometry -- that is with the slack seat tube angle (72.5).
re: Merckx MX Leader vs Corsa .01Rusty Coggs
Aug 31, 2002 4:24 PM
They both have the same geometry. The MX leader is built with The Columbus MAX tubeset and is HEAVY and is for BIG guys.In a 56 you probably need to weigh 200 pounds To even begin to appreciate how massive and stiff that tubeset is.
Aug 31, 2002 8:42 PM
but I'd still take the MX, and I weigh 145. :)
re: Merckx MX Leader vs Corsa .01Nessism
Sep 2, 2002 5:42 PM
Keep in mind that the Merckx Century geometery will not have a 72.5 degree seat angle (for a 56 cm frame), Merckx lists seat angles in degrees and minuets. Think of the face of a clock where one complete revolution is equal to one degree. Using this unit of measurement, 15 minutes is 0.25 degrees, 30 minutes is 0.50 degrees, ect. The Merckx seat angle is 72 degrees and 52 minuets which equals 72.9 degrees.

Regarding the frames, get the Corsa 0.1 unless you are a very strong and/or heavy set rider (as I recall you are not all that heavy, correct?). The Corsa uses the ZeroUno tubeset which is made of a steel material almost identical to the Nivacrom steel used by Columbus for the Max tubeset. The difference between the two frames is mostly that the MAX tubes are larger in diameter and thus heavier and stiffer. Super nice frames either way you go. Good luck.

well ...tarwheel
Sep 3, 2002 6:18 AM
Depends on what you consider heavy. I weigh about 185-190. I might be able to buy the MX Leader for less than the Corsa, which is why I am asking. The guy selling the Corsa is asking $500 firm. It's a new, old-stock frame with a lightly used fork. The MX Leader is used, 2 years old, and appears to be in very good condition (from photos). It also includes a Dura Ace headset and Cinelli stem and seatpost.