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Spoke lacing question(5 posts)

Spoke lacing questionDaveG
Aug 29, 2002 4:32 PM
I have a dummy question about spoke lacing patterns. Recently I noticed that the Chorus/Mavic Open Pros I bought earlier this year from Colorado Cyclist are laced up differently then the wheels on my other two bikes I own as well as the pictures in two maintenance books I own. I am wondering if this makes any difference. On my other wheels, if I'm facing the wheel from the right side of the bike, the two spokes that cross one another (32 spoke 3-cross) are laced at the hub moving clockwise such that the first spoke head faces outward (from the hub), while the other crossing spoke (clockwise) is faced with the spoke head inwards. The spokes on my CC wheels are opposite of this. Further, looking at a photo of some older CC wheels I recently sold, they were built the same way. Does this make any difference at all? Does CC know something the others don't?
Mojo vs. realityKerry
Aug 29, 2002 5:16 PM
While there are a lot of theories postulated about the direction of spoke pull, inside spokes pulling, outside spokes pulling, yada, yada, yada. If there is really a significant advantage to one over another, it has not become obvious despite DECADES of argument among the (alleged) cogniscenti. IOW, it makes no difference in the real world.
one theoryDougSloan
Aug 30, 2002 12:39 PM
One theory an LBS guy explained to me was to lace the rear so that torque causes the spokes to pull away from the derailleur, making it less likely the derailleur will hit the spokes if set to close. Pretty academic, in my view, as the spokes don't seem to flex that much and the derailleurs on my bikes stay a good 1/4 inch or so away from the spokes.

In two wheelbuilding books, I don't recall this even being discussed, whereas all sorts of other esoteric stuff was.

Poll: my Openpro/Records are pulling from the inside(nm)Spunout
Aug 31, 2002 3:28 AM
and my 221/XT MTB pull from the outside, no verdict here!(nm)Spunout
Aug 31, 2002 3:30 AM