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where to get cartridge bearings?(15 posts)

where to get cartridge bearings?fmuson1
Aug 29, 2002 7:58 AM
besides a local bike shop does anyone know of a website or mail order catalog that sells cartridge bearings and ball bearings?
Check the Yellow Pages for "Bearings"......gogene
Aug 29, 2002 8:22 AM
..most cities have 'bearings houses'. You need to know the size of the ball bearings you want and cartridge bearings have numbers on them. Always buy the very best bearing that are available for the application. The cost difference in negligible and the benefits are large.
Have you tried the Yellow Pages?Straightblock
Aug 29, 2002 8:29 AM
If you're in or near a large city there should be a bearing supply house that can match up your bearings unless they're a proprietary size. Or just do a Google search.
D'oh! Too slow! nmStraightblock
Aug 29, 2002 8:31 AM
Thanks for bearings infofmuson1
Aug 29, 2002 9:50 AM
The yellow pages turned up a lot of places but they all carry loose ball bearings. What I want is the plastic or metal cartridge "thingy" that holds the bearings as well as the bearings themselves. Most places where not helpful and/or did not have a website or catalog. This is important because I'm too lazy to drive around to go get this stuff and I'd rather spend my time riding my bike (I really just want to order online or call).
Then I tried google and came up with "Loose Screws - Bicycle Small Parts" from Oregon and they will do the trick.
I'm surprised that performance, colorado cyclist, nasbar, etc don't carry this stuff. Doesn't anyone do work on thier bikes (rather than bring it to the bike shop) and where do they get this stuff? hmmm.
thanks for your time
If you are talking about the bearing retainer cage.....gogene
Aug 29, 2002 10:43 AM found in some headsets, most people do away with those, they are not necessary, and add one extra ballbearing in its' place.

Most big mailorder houses, like Colorado Cyclist, Nashabar, etc. don't carry the 'small' parts that you wanted. There are many 'specialty' houses such as Loose Screws.

In you original posting you asked about ball bearings and cartridge bearings. You didn't describe what you really wanted, the 'thingy'. Maybe you should get out more.
If you are talking about the bearing retainer cage.....fmuson1
Aug 29, 2002 12:19 PM
I came to this site as a new "do it yourself" mechanic who has a passion for cycling and wishes to learn more. I would think that most people on this site are the same, otherwise you wouldn't be here if you knew it all. Thank you for stating the correct name of what I was looking for (retainer cage, I thought it was called a cartridge). This is the spirit behind discussion boards, its cool when you learn among peers with a common interest. Your comment, "maybe you should get out more".... makes you sound like a comedian with a bad joke or a condescending jerk. Inflection on the web is odd. Thank you for your time either way.
As a new "do it yourself" mechanicStraightblock
Aug 29, 2002 12:30 PM
If you haven't already found them, I suggest you check out and for plenty of good information for the "do-it-yourselfer." Also look for Zinn's books on bicycle maintenance.
Aug 29, 2002 12:52 PM
those two link are chock full of info
...Perhaps a comedian with a bad joke...gogene
Aug 29, 2002 12:55 PM
..I would say you were right. I based my 'get out more' comment on your statement .."I'm too lazy to drive around to go get this stuff..". What I probably should have said is that when you need something you are not sure of, go to a shop, preferably with a sample in hand and ask. That way you will get exposure to the product, maybe something that would work even better than the item you have, LBS experience with the product and some wisdom. Like you, I had to start somewhere, and like you I would rather ride my bike. But in becoming self-sufficient you should deal with the people that know more than you do, face-to-face. There are alway those little tidbits of info that are passed on that turn out to be real gems. You don't get that on-line.

Sorry if I offended you.
...Perhaps a comedian with a bad joke...fmuson1
Aug 30, 2002 4:01 AM
See, its easy to take stuff out of context when reading snipets online. You're toally right. Thanks again for the advice.
try mcmaster-carr, they sell loose balls and sealed type (nm)slow-ron
Aug 29, 2002 2:19 PM
re: where to get cartridge bearings?johnnybegood
Aug 30, 2002 9:32 AM
look at Phil Wood's website at
Sep 2, 2002 12:57 PM
This website is a large industrial supply house. They carry a large selection of cartridge bearings. Do a search under "cartridge bearings". They stock both english and metric bearings.

You will have to measure the cartridge bearing to get the correct outside diameter, bore size and thickness. You want to get the double sealed type with rubber seals. Most bike bearings are less than $6 each.

When you get on the website, search for "balls". Look for grade 100 chrome steel balls for loose bearings. Most only cost a few bucks for a bag of 100.
grade 25 balls...C-40
Sep 2, 2002 1:00 PM
Correct my previous message. The proper grade for bike bearings is grade 25 (higher precison). Grade 100 are OK for repairs on cheap bikes only.