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Solar71 seatpost problem(3 posts)

Solar71 seatpost problemSolar71
Aug 28, 2002 5:30 PM
Hi all...
Just wanted to say hi and i have one simple question...
I have a seatpost that i just love... its called "easton CT2" WOW its cumfy and 160g so i like it... But its 26.8mm.
my new frame is 27.2mm. Darn it... i want to switch frames but i dotn want to have to throw this seatpost away... so i go online looking for a shim... i cant find any shims for such a small difference in seatpost size... i guess the shim would have to be 0.2mm thick... paper basicly... i emailed this guy that has an online shop that sells shims and i said, hey why cant i find a shim for 26.8 to 27.2 he repleys saying, thats becuase its so thin... acctually you dont even need one... But if you want to be extra safe you can just cut a section of a soda can and wrap it around the seat post... or if that is too thick you can use 1 or 2 wraps of tin foil to make up the tiny gap... Is this guy crazy...? or is it true?
re: Solar71 seatpost problemzray61
Aug 28, 2002 7:28 PM
The soda can is a try and true shim. Greg Lemond won the Tour de France with a shim made from a Coke can between his aero bars and his handle bar. I've had no experience with
tin foil but it makes sense to me. But if you are uncomfortable with shims I need 26.8, I have the reverse problem a "new to me" used frame that needs a 26.8 and I only have 27.2s. Stay in touch.
re: Solar71 seatpost problemSolar71
Aug 28, 2002 7:54 PM
well if i get the right price for this one i will just go out and buy a USE alien like my other bike has... but i would not sell this post for under 50$..
but thank you for the advice...
i really appreciate your help...