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Bianchi Pista & KHS Flite 100 owners, need input on both(4 posts)

Bianchi Pista & KHS Flite 100 owners, need input on bothbikenraider99
Aug 28, 2002 9:01 AM
I'm considering buying a track bike since I don't live to far from a velodrome. I've looked around at some of the shops I use and have two models to choose from: Bianchi's Pista and KHS's Flite 100. Both are steel frames, roughly in the same price range, track specific bikes. What should I be looking for in a track bike? All so, owners of either bike, I'd like some input on your ride. Ride feel, components to either upgrade or leave alone, etc. Thanks.
some infoDougSloan
Aug 28, 2002 11:30 AM
I have a Pista, but ride it only the road only. Never been to a track. No experience with the KHS, or any other track bike.

The Pista is functional, but a bit heavy for my tastes. Since I use it for fixed gear solo training, that doesn't matter. The saddle and tires came off immediately. They sucked. I replaced them with a Flite and 25mm Conti Gatorskins, with thoese 300 gram "thornproof" tubes. Because it's a road bike for me, I switched out gears and added a front brake. A short time ago I also added RivNuts for two water bottle mounts.

I think it came with SPD's, too, which I yanked off and replaced with Looks.

I enjoy riding it; despite all I hear about harsh rides of short wheelbase track bikes, I find no harshness at all. Then again, the longest I've ridden the bike is 85 miles, and my typical weekend rides are much longer.

Get a selection of cogs and maybe couple rings, too. Don't forget the peanut butter wrench for the hubs.

some infobikenraider99
Aug 28, 2002 1:56 PM
Thanks Doug! This is going on the track I'd say, 85% of the time.
re: Bianchi Pista & KHS Flite 100 owners, need input on bothdesmo
Aug 30, 2002 7:12 PM
I have a Pista and have a very similar experiance as Doug's. I went further and switched out the crank, headset, bars and stem. It's a great road fixed gear, very nice handling and not twitchey. I have heard from track guys that these bikes are not that suitable for Velodrome racing though. You might want to look at used higher end bikes for track use. Then again for the price it might be good for a season or two. You might ask your dealer to check on 2000 models. When I bought last November there were still plenty around and he got me one for $375. Also the 2000 models came with real track nuts, later ones have serated flanged junk.