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You poor trek owners...(4 posts)

You poor trek owners...CharlesTT
Aug 26, 2002 9:53 PM
I feel so sorry for all of you people that bought trek road bikes. Great bikes, but you see, there just not as good as the, you know, the kick ass colors on the 2003 treks. I am just kidding with you all about the older treks. It just the colors for 2003 kick huge ass, ass. (in a good way) I don't expect any responses from this, and it was certainly not meant to be offensive.
re: ... when you talk about kicking huge...Akirasho
Aug 27, 2002 2:47 AM
ass, I can only take it to mean that it was directed at me, and I DO take offense!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
Resale valuefiltersweep
Aug 27, 2002 12:57 PM
It sure helps keep the resale value healthy when they basically just change the paint each year... at least this year they also offer a new fork.
Aug 29, 2002 4:06 PM
Yeah, that's why I buy a bike - - resale value! Can't wait to get rid of it as soon as I get it home - the insecurity just gnaws at me.

As far as the 2003's being superior, that''l last for exactly 12 months, if you get my drift. The whole concept is a left over idea from Detroit - nothing new just the same crap repackaged - the new paint will chip off just as easily as the old. Ever notice that the truely great products don't need to change every year to drive sales? You get one really good Ti bike I'll can assure you that you one give one iota about what Trek is doing this year or next.