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i need a new seat.(5 posts)

i need a new seat.jimsawino
Aug 24, 2002 6:24 PM
right now i have a selle italia slr, which is fine for shorter rides (10-30 miles) but i'm looking for something that can hold my ass for hours, and a century or two. i would still like to have the saddle light because i'm stupid about weight and climb a lot. it seems like the fizik aliante is fantastic, but it's also $180. has anyone heard anything about the flite trans-am gelflow? i was thinking prolink, but i have my saddle pushed pretty far forward and reviews have said it has a limited adjustability with the carbon rails. i recently had the dreaded "numbness" on a 10 mile ride and even though i didn't have padded shorts on (laundry issues) i don't want to take any chances with the boys. you dig? also, i have a tcr limited with a ritchey wcs post. would a carbon post make a noticeable difference in ride comfort? thanks, i'm new to this whole road-riding thing and need some help.
re: i need a new seat.Silas_Greenback
Aug 24, 2002 6:49 PM
You will probably get a gillion suggestions, but you are going to have to try the saddles yourself. I would focus on the saddle and forget about a shock-absorbent seat post. The real issue comes down to where you meet the bike. After nine years, I gave up on an old Flite and am riding a San Marco Concor Light. I thought that if it was good enough for Lance Armstrong's soft spots, it was good enough for me. It can be bought for about $40-50, and I have found it very comfortable. It has a defined place to sit, and it is not flat. It even has padding. The weight issue needs to be viewed in perspective. If you are in agony on the bike, 30 grams or 1/15 of a pound, will not matter to you. An extra 100 grams will seem worth it if the alternative is hours of pain and numbness afterwards. Some of the most comfortable saddles around are Brooks Pros or their relatives. Even professional racers use them, even if they weigh 60-80 grams more than a stripped down saddle. If you are going to spend six uninterrupted hours sitting on something, day in, day out, for a living, it better be comfortable. For a pro, the saddle equates to your chair at the office. The only other constructive thought is to make sure that your shorts have a good chamois that stays in place.
Koobi has a money back gaurunteespookyload
Aug 24, 2002 7:10 PM
If you buy one of their saddles online from them and don't like it you can return it in 30 days for a full refund. That is hard to beat in the saddle buisness. I ride the Xenon from koobi and it is very comfortable. It is fairly light with the ti rails too. Check them out at The carbon seatpost that comes with the TCR frames does make a very big difference BTW. I rode a TCR team, and with the #3 seatpost you could devinately feel the difference. The long post shaft had a definite flex when you hit a big bump. This is first hand experience with a TCR, not someone who never rode it making a blind assumption.
I'll second the Koobi recommendation..gogene
Aug 24, 2002 7:31 PM
..I have a Koobi Silver and do a LOT of long rides of 50 miles or more.
re: i need a new seat.aliensporebomb
Aug 29, 2002 7:36 AM
My TCR2 has a carbon post with the Selle Italia Prolink (not the gel version) saddle and I find it very comfortable.

Checking my training logs for time spent on this bike, I've
done 2-3 hour rides and been raring for more. My two cents.