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durable+refined frame options(2 posts)

durable+refined frame optionsphillipe
Aug 24, 2002 5:15 PM
Any serious sugestions on a durable yet responsive tubeset.
I weigh 145, ride alot on fair road conditions. Prefer stiff solid frame to comfort, but don't want to replace frame w/in next 2 years. Thanks.
Oh hell, you know how many options you have?Leisure
Aug 25, 2002 2:07 AM
The vast majority of the frames out there will last you a lot longer than you'll care to keep them. I might only suggest being wary of those frames closing on only 2 pounds weight. Other than that you have a whole world of frames to choose from. Start test'll probably find you can be more choosy. What price ranges are you looking at? If you're just jumping in and are thinking quality bike for starting out, my suggestion would be value-conscious steel bikes like Lemond and Gunnar. Those are two good companies I'm familiar with, there are many others, but I'm suggesting steel if you're looking at a lot of miles on rough, unforgiving roads. Of course, I suggest steel to start out with all the time anyway. They're plenty stiff for sprinting and all, and many feel they tend to have a more forgiving ride quality (myself included). The downside is they'll tend to be a bit heavier than their aluminum counterparts. OTOH, if you're prioritizing on climbing performance (from being lighter) and/or sometimes lower price, aluminum is better.