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ok, i made the change to hperglide cogset(4 posts)

ok, i made the change to hperglide cogsetrufus
Aug 24, 2002 5:13 PM
you may remember my earlier post about having to upgrade my old, old cogset. i visited harris cyclery, met sheldon brown, and bought a 7 speed hyperglide hub that they sell cheap to be parted out, and a 7 speed hyperglide cassette.

took the freehub off that hub, and installed it on my rear hub, threw on the hyperglide cogs, adjusted the shifting on my indoor trainer, and the shifting seems to be much better, at least on the trainer. maybe a little clatter in a couple of gears, but that just may be the hyperglide cogs with their ramps. we'll see how it works on the road tomorrow.

now for the ironic part. it was only after i had switched everything over and was putting my old freehub onto the hub i got from harris, that i noticed it: my older uniglide freehub had threads on the outside AND on the inside of the shell, meaning i could have mounted a hyperglide cogset with lockring on it in the first place, probably only needing a different style dustcap for the hub. what pisses me off is that my lbs, supposedly the best in town, never noticed this either when i first took the bike to them to diagnose my drivetrain problem, and instead cobbled together the mix of cogs that wasn't working so well.

cost me a little extra money, but i get some spare parts out of the deal.
re: ok, i made the change to hperglide cogsetkcd
Aug 25, 2002 2:34 AM
You may also use hyperglide sprockets on a uniglide freehub by grinding away the large tab on each sprocket.
actually, the freehub had the wider notch for hyperglide.rufus
Aug 25, 2002 6:06 AM
i had noticed that earlier, that one of the spline notches was wider than the rest, so it would accomodate hyperglide cogs, so that was never an issue.

i guess what bothers me the most isn't that i did all the work switching freehub bodies and stuff, but that my bike shop, as i said, supposed to be the best, most knowledgeable around here, didn't notice that the freehub was also threaded for hyperglide cogs and lockring, and instead settled for that mish-mash of uniglide and hyperglide cogs.
had my first ride with it todayrufus
Aug 25, 2002 4:34 PM
and everything went fine. had a bit of trouble with the 17 tooth cog, the chain would clatter and skip under pressure, but a bit of fine tuning with the barrel adjuster and i've got a setup that shifts perfectly across the cluster.