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ciclo sport bike computer(13 posts)

ciclo sport bike computerRM
Aug 23, 2002 11:59 AM
any experience out there with these, especially the HAC-4?
it gives all the regular stuff plus power output at about a third of the cost of the competition. Plus it has a recording altimeter. damned good deal if it works but don't want to be the first on the block with a $300 dog.
re: ciclo sport bike computergray8110
Aug 23, 2002 7:27 PM
I've got one.. It's a great tool, even better with the kit to hook it to the PC. I still haven't figured everything about it yet, but it's been wonderful so far. The Power feature seems to really only be a useful tool for climbing.I could be wrong there, but on a 12mph climb it tells me I am producing around 300+ watts but on a flat 22mph timetrial where I am working just as hard I get figures around 100. Again, I'm still getting used to it though. The HRM is better than the polar s410 I had before as far as consistency goes and interference goes and the wireless bike computer setup doesn't get interference from power lines. I've got an altimeter watch and I've had a bike computer with an altimeter and this is the best of the bunch.. you get a ton of data when you hook it up to your computer. Great for training, but also great for us geeks too.

re: ciclo sport bike computergray8110
Aug 23, 2002 7:29 PM
Excuse my wonderful english.. btw.. I was trying to say that neither the HRM or the Computer itself get interference from outside sources. That was always a problem with older wireless computers and my Polar HRM.
re: ciclo sport bike computerfreefal401
Aug 24, 2002 4:17 PM
I have that gripe also. You can't export the downloaded data to other platforms. It would be nice to be able to drop it into excel or access.
re: ciclo sport bike computerjohnrg
Aug 23, 2002 7:32 PM
I have their cordless computer w/altimiter. Well designed menu and buttons, sturdy construction. Very happy with it since purchased last april.
re: ciclo sport bike computerIan
Aug 24, 2002 12:51 PM
I have the HAC 4. I like the altimeter functions, very useful in the century I'm training for. It will tell you total elevation gained during a ride and tells you the percent grade of the hill while you are climbing it. I don't have the download kit, but elevation gained today was 2,610 feet over 62 miles. My max watts was 550. Maxiumum grade was 13%. Like the other guy said, neat for us gear freaks.

re: ciclo sport bike computerfreefal401
Aug 24, 2002 4:15 PM
I have the Ciclosport Alti 4M--the one with the memory and download feature. Worked great for about a month, then the receiving unit died. Haven't sent it back to performance yet.
re: ciclo sport bike computerclintb
Aug 25, 2002 6:16 PM
I have the HAC4 and the Alti 414-M. The HAC4 has EVERYTHING you could ever want in a computer. Only thing is, it doesn't have the option to switch to mi/hr. At least not the one I got. Could be something to do with it being ordered from France. Go to They've got the best price I could find at, or around 1/2 off. Get the plus version and it comes with cadence.

So far, the operation and reliability have been great. No interrupted signals from either the HR nor the speed. Love the ability to record my session and record markers during the ride. Overall an excellent tool.
re: ciclo sport bike computerIan
Aug 26, 2002 3:45 AM
International units are set up for kilometer, meter, kilogram and celsius. US units are set up for mile, feet, pound and fahrenheit.

They can't be switched back and forth, you either purchase one or the other. If you buy one overseas, you will get the metric unit.

re: ciclo sport bike computerclintb
Aug 28, 2002 9:18 AM

Have you actually seen one of the US units? If so, where was it ordered from? I'm just curious. Not that using metric bothers me, but I'd like to know.

re: ciclo sport bike computerIan
Aug 29, 2002 2:17 PM
I have the US unit. Any LBS can order one, not sure if they are in the catalogs yet.

re: ciclo sport bike computerAndy
Aug 25, 2002 7:52 PM
My riding buddy has the HAC-4 and he had problems getting the cadence function to work. When cadence was enabled, the unit would not record for later downloading. The LBS swapped it with an entirely new unit and still had the same problem. The LBS is getting a third unit. I keep telling him to do a review on it. If he's having problems other people want to know about it.

If you have the HAC-4 and you also have the cadence option AND IT WORKS, let me know. Maybe he is doing something wrong.
re: ciclo sport bike computerclintb
Aug 28, 2002 9:08 AM
I have the HAC4 w/cadence and it works. I initially had problems too. It doesn't seem to register with the magnet between the lines on the sensor. Make the magnet line up dead center on either line and you'll be good to go. Needs to be fairly close together as well.